Conservatives enraged by Castro-Trump feud double standard

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The Twitter account belonging to Sen. Mitch McConnell's campaign is temporarily locked for posting videos of angry protesters gathered outside the Senate majority leader's home. #TheFive #FoxNews

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Why is this corrupt democratic tool on Fox? She was fired from CNN!

Author — delon a


Brazile is a disgrace.

Never forget what she did. Never!

Author — Luke Not Skywalker


Castro said men can get pregnant 😂😂Let's not forget about that

Author — Sebastian David Cuni


Brasille is unwatchable and sounds exactly like her old boss.

Author — igluver15


I cannot watch Brazille. Goodbye Fox. Hello One America News. OAN

Author — William Burns


Donna is a trash person and so is Castro. They ALL know what this is about. Get her off Fox. MAGA2020

Author — John Desmond


Donna Brazille is a CHEATER. What would she know about the right things to do? What a joke.

Author — char west


Donna Brazil has no business being of TV. Period!!

Author — J. T.


Still asking why Donna Brazille is on Fox. She is a horrible human being, a liar, and a cheat.

Author — Not Quite Right


Of course DONNA, he tweets because he can't trust the mainstrean clowns for a fair shot.

Author — Linda Thomas


FOX shouldn't have hired Donna, she is dishonest.

Author — A Cook


Brazile is nothing but a sneaky Lying Crook, are you really proud of yourselves Fox for hiring this Political Crook?

Author — spike duval


Why is Donna "corrupt" Brazile still on TV?? She is part of the corrupt, mafia organization known as the DNC! And on

Author — eric hoskins


When that "lying, cheating crook" brasile opens her mouth I'm gone.

Author — bob gleaser


Hey Donna we remember what you have done.

Author — Wendy Hammond


Castro another clown showing up to put his face in the media.

Author — Jacqueline Campbell


Remove Brazille the lying cow 🐄
We remember Seth Rich and how She helped Hillary to cheat! F U Fox for ha ing Her on Any Broadcast

Author — Truth Teller


Thank you Castro for proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should NEVER be president.

Author — Chris Blackmon


Once I see Donna, I give a thumbs down and click to another news source! FOX will fall!

Author — keepitsimplestupid


the same Brazile who gave hillary the questions before the debate

Author — MultiMicelle