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The British government has confirmed that parliament will vote on Brexit again on Friday, but only on one part of the deal reached with the European Union.

Members of parliament will vote on the withdrawal agreement including the Irish 'backstop', divorce bill and citizens' rights.
But it will not amount to a third 'meaningful vote' on the deal, as it will not include a vote on the UK's future relationship with the EU.

Meanwhile the British Chambers of Commerce said MPs need to stop “chasing rainbows” when it comes to resolving the Brexit impasse. At their annual conference, they said the Brexit uncertainty is already doing “real world damage” to the UK economy.

The 29th March was meant to be the day that Britain left the European Union. The BBC has been talking to voters in Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset, where like the UK as a whole, they voted 52 to 48 in favour of Leaving.

Laura Kuenssberg, Emma Vardy, Simon Jack, John Pienaar and Ed Thomas report for the BBC News at Ten, presented by Sophie Raworth.

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If you change your mind and vote for May’s deal only because she promised to resign, then it is clear you are putting politics before country.

Author — julio arce


Its like watching clowns trying to fix their clown car.

Author — James Ross


Most hated in UK
2 estate agents
3 lawyers
4 traffic wardens

Author — paul hoskin


Vote and vote and vote and vote and vote and vote and vote until the Banking corporate establishment get what they want

Author — TheLewisLegend


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". President Kennedy

Author — Nic Meredith


In 5 years time they will still vote on brexit ....circus

Author — Nicky Rus


Makes me sick. 18 million need to march on London. Unreal.

Author — Vee Cee


Tories: "We're not going to vote for this Brexit deal as it's not in the national interest .... oh, Theresa May's promised to quit as Prime Minister? Right then, suddenly we can vote for this rubbish deal, as really we just wanted to get rid of May and don't give a toss about the national interest"

Author — Pat Terson


i give 100% and my hat to piss there will be a new referendum on brexit deal till the need outcome to stay

Author — Matilda Meriksi


Nice to see the BBC displaying their impartiality once again.

Author — Brez6645


Her deal is terrible, is this the only deal the UK can get? Yes? WTO. Grow up MPs.

Author — denbydish


Welcome to the third world LOL "Great" Britain.

Author — Norman Mattson


I think I will go back to watching snooker for entertainment.

Author — FlowerFairy


So the Parliament can vote on Brexit as many times as they want, but the people can’t? 🤔

Author — dafttool


I’m sure pretty bottles exist in the world outside of France!

Author — Straya Shark


The Tory party have cut their own throat. After this no-one will vote for them EVER AGAIN! BYE BYE TORIES YOU ARE DONE.

Author — Synth Magic


Now, UK should vote whether to vote or not..
So much votes, a true democracy UK keep it up

Author — Shahid Singh


what a laughing stock this government has made of our country.vile lot

Author — rocky sharpe


Muggles always trying to change the house rules at Hogwarts...

Author — Cpt.Flippy Birds


I watch this for learn English and your language so beautiful, I cry and wanna speak English 🤧👉👈

Author — Даша Секрет