Italy's hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus as death toll soars

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Italy overtook China to have the world's highest coronavirus death toll, with more than 3,400 victims and over 41,000 infected. Hospitals in the hardest-hit parts of Northern Italy are approaching a breaking point as ICUs and Emergency Rooms are flooded with cases, straining resources and staff. Imtiaz Tyab reports on the extent of Italy's battle with the disease.

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I still can't believe this is reality.

Author — Eunsang's halo


I am Italian, I live in Lodi, in the area where the infection started.
The situation here is dramatic, hundreds of people die every day.
I appeal to all the people in the world, stay at home.
Even if your government hasn't imposed restrictions yet.
Stay home, save the world.🇮🇹

Author — Luca Bruognolo


We are literally living through diseases just like people in our history textbooks did. Huh, WEIRD.

Author — Gang Cheng



Author — eptisaam morris norman


Whoever is reading this I pray that God protects you, your family, or everyone you love from this disease and that you live a long, prosperous happy life.

Author — TY Darkness


And we have dumasses here licking toilet bowls, subway handrails, partying on the beach and bars 🙄

Author — Tyler Lin


Someone needs to sue China or something.

Author — سوسو الجميلة


I want all the “flu is worse” people front and center

Author — Belm Stray


These healthcare workers doctors and nurses are amazing heroes, God bless us and them; Americans wake up and get ready! God help us all!🙏

Author — ferrary73


Remember what syrian kid told to doctors after chemical attack :

*"I will tell God everthing"*

Then humanity was silent ; now God is silent on humanity

Author — Adnan Halde


Italy really didn't deserve this. No country deserves this. What a tragedy.

Author — DayvinDazone


Sending love and prayers to every single one in Italy I'm literally crying right now😢🙏🙏🙏😢

Author — malita malita


Stay strong Italy! I love you from Ukraine. Sono abitato a Roma due anni (2010-2012). Ti amo!

Author — JustJustice


Feeling so bad to see this .Its reaally scary situation ... Hope everything will be fine soon . 🙏🙏

Author — Pooja Bisht


Imagine that happy feeling when ur finally done with cancer, and then you just die from corona

Author — potatoes taste like potatoes


Those who accused the "Chinese Hero Doctor" of spreadin' fake news should pay for this.

Author — Phet Tumbling


I am Italian living in the Lombardia region (Cremona).
The situation here has been scary.
We are still on lockdown.
The situation has been terrible for older people, the generation of my parents has been hit so badly ( my father is 71 and my mother 69) and for the older generation, 80 and older, it is much worse.
My father knows 9 people who died of Coronavirus!!! They were all between the age of 65 and 75 more ore less, a generation has been exterminated here!!! This is so sad!!!
I think in my family we all got this Coronavirus...you want to know why?....my mother was sick for 4 weeks...she didn’t eat for a week...she had FEVER, she was COUGHTING especially at night and she was always TIRED!! I live with my husband and my 3 kids with my mother and my father so I am sure that the virus she had we had it as well. Me and my 3 kids were fine, my father was sick for 2 days. We called the hospital (after a week of non eating we were really scared for her) but they didn’t allow my mother to do the test for Coronavirus (because she didn’t have the symptoms they said....how they could be so sure I don’t know), so we don’t know for sure if she had it, but we all think that there is a great probability. We will do this test once everything will be over.
In my opinion this Coronavirus was here way before the start of the pandemic in Italy and the majority of us here got it. For young people it is not so scary (yes there are cases of young people who died in Italy..but personally I don’t know anyone here). But for older people it is a tragedy (as I told you my father knows 9 people around his age who died, including two married couples, I mean husband and wife, one couple from Piacenza and the other couple from Milano).
I was and I am still scared not for me or my children, but for my mother and my father. This time we were lucky. But next time?
I am really sad for all these older people who died alone, without the love of their family and friends, not even a hug or a word, and
suffering. This way of dying is not human.
My soul aches for them.

Author — Chiara 1981


2020 is a bad year!!
Can't do much but stay strong we will get through this.

Author — SameerRedux


Nature has proved to us all that it is supreme

Author — Narendra Choudhary


This is straight up scary to watch. The reality of it all. Hearts go out to those patients and doctors.

Author — IndelibleHD