Boxer Gennady Golovkin -- I'm From Kazakhstan ... Borat's Not Funny!!! | TMZ Sports

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Jagshemash! ... bad news for Borat -- you might get your face bashed in by one of the baddest men on the planet -- a boxer from Kazakhstan who's got a serious ax to grind over the 2006 flick.

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Boxer Gennady Golovkin -- I'm From Kazakhstan ... Borat's Not Funny!!! | TMZ Sports

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💬 Comments on the video

GGG just to polite to knock both those guys out lol

Author — TokyoMonsta


Who in their right mind asks this to GGG?

Author — Conor Farrell


Borat has never been to Kazakhstan! he shot his film in Romania! This is the European Union! Kazakhs are laughing at Europe))))

Author — Spirit Chaser


Народ, не подавайтесь на провокационные вопросы! Тем, что мы реагируем на этот фильм и ругаем этого актера, мы наоборот показываем свою глупость и свои комплексы. От этого они больше смеются над нами как над глупыми детьми, которых троллят взрослые.

Author — Thug Life


where the hell is "Kazakahstan"?

Author — Chris Carr


funny I thought they were filming borat when GGG started talking

Author — BK Forever


Borat  and  miguel cotto, mayweather  puts dislike  ))

Author — Timur Umirzakov


Уверен что он вырубит мейвезера младшего

Author — Beka Abish


The interviewer said Ka zaki stan?! Really!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Author — Lucie


"This is not true story" LMAO

Author — xan


His name is Gennady Golovkin. Not "buddy". You got that TMZ sports? :-!

Author — MultiPremonition


Yakshimash . I like you.
This is my wife.
This is my other wife.
This is the one I give money to.

Author — dirty p


Se paso de verga ese imbecil 😂😂 asking him about borat 2 lmaoo



in the movie the scenes are shooting in some village from Romania not in Kazakhstan

Author — Alin Luca


Гена, спасибо Тебе за то, что Ты есть!!!

Author — Zauresh B


Wlad Klitchko is also from Kazakhstan.

Author — Alisher Seitkassym


I like GGG he comes across as a pretty decent guy

Author — Stunl3y


I have been to Kazakhstan more than once and in fact Borat is much smarter than any Kazakhstani, and certainly he is smarter than the "bag boy" Genka Golovkin!

Author — Turee taryy


Nik Antropov (Former Kazakh NHLer) Thought Borat was Hilarious.

Author — Jay Carrigan


GGG is one classy dude and I'm a Canelo fan.

Author — Rolo Rolo