Royal Flush at the 2016 PCA - Huge Three-Way Pot | PokerStars

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A runner-runner Royal Flush was hit to win a monster three-way pot on Day 4 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event.

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What made poker popular on tv was SEEING THE CARDS!!

Author — Stucknmud


I was playing poker at a very expensive club and I got a royal flush. Best day so far in Red Dead Redemption 2

Author — God of Destruction


As usual, the experts are not sitting at the table but in the comment section.

Author — Dutch Defense


“The best hand almost always”. I guess 5 aces is better?

Author — Gavin James


Petition to officially rename the Royal Flush to the "Super Mega Ultimo Nuts" (13:44)

Author — Samuel Cheffins


i still dont know which name referred to which player

Author — ben creighton


"seems like a common french first name, monsieur"

Author — barry white


That was a very decent thing for McCallister to do: give a two minute warning that he was going to call the clock. I've seen that guy play on tv before and he always seems to be a respectable guy.

Author — Bill j


Bit boring without knowing what cards they have...

Author — messi9991


12:00 - 12:08 That was the moment he realized he had the Royal Flush.

Author — Istanagh Vlandis


I like how that guy built a castle out of chips.

Author — Jenny Lee


Tedeschi: French player, Italian name that means Germans. As European as they come.

Author — Carlo Bissolotti


I couldn’t do what these folks do. I can’t listen to these guys fidget with their chips!

Author — Chuck Christiansen


The royal flush was interesting; however, the discussion about the etymology of "the business end" was the most fascinating part of this video.

Author — Bill Smith


Ouch, when you're facing the business end of a royal flush. Considering McKalister didn't get his ace until the river you have to respect how he played it.

Author — Datsun510zen


12:14 Translation: "I know you have a really good hand, but I don't know if you have THAT good of a hand, AKA Royal Flush"

Smart decision to fold.

Author — Spencer Kraus


When the dude has to put his face into the shirt to contain his excitement, that's an immediate flag to cut my loss and gtfo.

Author — natebardwell


Imagine if Rabah had the royal flush and was doing the worlds sickest slow roll haha

Author — Michael H


Kirk Hammett wiped the floor with them. Damn!

Author — witzerdog


13:36 lonely walk of shame right there

Author — Crunch