Why Kashmir issue is still unresolved. 6 key factors, the way forward | ep 231

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India and Pakistan should accept the Line of Control that divides the two Kashmirs as a border and Delhi should bring Kashmir closer to the mainstream, says Shekhar Gupta in episode 231 of Cut The Clutter

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Why dont we talk about people's of jammu and ladakh is it only bcoz they are hindus and buddhist....

Author — kamal chauhan


You want it to be resolved in less that 24 hours??

Author — Anmol Thakur


I agree with Subramanian Swamy that 370&35A were dead Kashmiri Pandit were thrown out 🙏

Author — Sentinel


The way I see it is that 370 was a solution that didn't yield result in 70 years but had only worsened the situation. Scrapping it and finding new solution was the only way forward.

Author — Saurabh Vikhe


Alienation of Kashmiri pandits didn't feel angry and humilated sir ?

Author — Nikhil Bagalkotkar


This was a Masterstroke by Modi government to revoke article 370 and bring J & K to the Mainstream India and tell Trump and Pakistan that we are ready to mediate on POK.

Author — Rohit joshi


This is only way to solve Kashmir problem

Author — Abhishek Kumar


Sir today you used only some kind of unimaginable things...there may be positive after this step but you can only see negative things.

Author — himanshu garg


Was article 370 helping anyone? To the so called people of Kashmir? If so please provide the evidence.

If you can't then shut the hell up!

Author — Vinit Sankhe


Why peoples of jammu and ladakh should suffer because of some kashmiri radicals ?
Desperate times needs desperate measures.

Author — Chetan Khandave


To end the problem, first you have to show some intent to solve the problem and I think this may be not the solution of kashmir issue but it's a baby step towards it and first step in that direction.

Author — Saroj Kumar


Who didn't welcome Kashmiris in rest of India? There are plenty of kashmiri students in my college itself

Author — Athish Shetty


don't worry our bihari brothers will tackle everything now.

Author — Moon Shot


Decade's of wrong decisions cannot be fixed overnight. I'm not a BJP supporter but they have taken the correct stand. People need to use their own minds than listen to such media jargon. Very easy to make daily videos difficult to face and fix problems. Congress for years ruined the kashmir issue by simple politics of appeasement.We need to stop putting the kashmir issue under the sheets time to take it on and fix it once in for all.

Lingering Kashmir issue is great for Pakistan and separatists but a thorn in Kashmiri indians heart. Years of lives, money and resources wasted. Time to do something.

Author — A and A Eco Products


You guys can never change the face of India, it’s time for 50 + old reports to retire from public life

Author — Sumanth k s


Looks like mr gupta is artificially opposing the government. Without any valid logic. Also, trying to make this a Religious Debate, u r doing a great job to instigate "Peace".

Author — Tapas Raj


Generally I agree with your analysis even though you are left leaning. Yet, I think your views today are pessimistic. Try to see some positives in it.

Author — Rohan Rock s


Mr Shekhar, please dont mention kashmir matters as kashmir problem....but some problems in kashmir

Author — epc123456


Very good analysis. I agree that unless there is change in our hearts we cannot resolve any tough problems in life

Author — Karun Verma


Post Modi every journo has been talking about 'how they got it wrong' better to stop listening to their 'analysis.

Author — A A