Jimmy Kimmel's Plan to End Trump's Government Shutdown

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Last night, Donald Trump interrupted primetime television to read a speech from the Oval Office. The speech was intended to convince us that we have a crisis at the border and it didn't work. It was not an inspiring speech, and he was sniffing through the whole thing. Today, after a speech that changed exactly no one's mind, Trump met with the Democrats to make a deal and it did not go well. It might seem that there is no end to the shutdown in site, but Jimmy has a plan that might make happen sooner than later.

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Jimmy Kimmel's Plan to End Trump's Government Shutdown

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Shut down twitter and he will re-open the gov 😭

Author — Aaron Hernandez


Donald Trump is a humiliation to an entire nation, manipulative, rude, utterly ignorant, unscrupulous, and he has no idea how to run a country.

Author — Budo Ka


Treat the drug addicts first.
No buyers, no traffic.
Easy as a pie.

Author — alphaphotoandvideo


If this was was so damned important (as in actually make this country safer, rather than to make it look like they're doing something worthwhile), why the hell didn't the GOP majority house, GOP majority senate and GOP president, do this in the last two years when they had full control!!

Why did he wait until the democrats were about to take control of the house, did he finally do something?

Author — ExtremelyOCD


They start a GoFundMe to build a wall. We should start a GoFundMe for the government workers that are out of work

Author — David T


😂 "ask your indicted compaignn manager if Wallegra is right for you " lool that is an epic!!

Author — Habiba Mohamed


Trump goes over to Europe and tries to shake down our allies for money, then he comes home and tells us to pay up for this dumb wall that he swore up and down that Mexico would pay for...oh and that’s after giving himself and the top 1% that huge tax cut....wtf is going on!

Author — SOS HELP


People need to watch Mulan or read about the Chinese/Mongolian history. Walls do nothing but make people want to figure out how to get over, under, or through it.

Author — Kuangheng Hwang


Funny how people get offended when a NFL player does not salute the flag but when Donald Trump says im proud for shutting down the government i don't hear many complains....

Author — leonel Gonzalez


Airplanes over the wall
Add 3 more sides to make it a

Author — Lady Sundance


Trump doesn't care about workers getting paid. He didn't care when it was the private sector why would he care when it's the public?

Author — Lanora Ruiz


Anyone wanting refuge in


I'm happy to say you all welcome to come anytime trump ain't going to ever be able build wall around our land..

. I love to see him try..


Author — Maryam 313


The money that Donald Trump wants so desperately, instead of building a useless wall the GOVERNMENT should use that money to HIRE more DHS employees, DEA employees, Border Agents employees, and perhaps those soldiers that are back from service should get hire as well. A wall is never being a solution for security, look what happens to the city of troy, the city got destroy by a horse made of wood.

Author — Shadow Ninja


trump FLEEING the WH cuz he COULDN'T FACE those government workers that are PROTESTING in front of the WH right now!!!

Author — Peace ToAll


The president does not care about you, he does not honestly care about the wall either. He cares about keeping the issue alive. Americans are paying a stiff price for his childish antics.

Author — Richard Taylor


Wow!! Jimmy!! This was one of your best segments! Great writing! Hilarious & clever! Congrats!

Author — Erin Fisher


6:00 Trump just literally avoids the question multiple times. And in the end he just waves it off by saying "Goodbye everybody!" What the hell?😂😂
How could a politician, or a businessman possibly get away with that?

Author — Denz OK


"Trumper Tantrum" should be an official diagnosis in modern psychiatry.

Author — T.P. W.


The wall is right in front of him
That's why he can't see the reality.

Author — Elvin DCruz


Jimmy what TF is keeping you from running for President? 💯👌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Author — V1RUSROX2