Free Fight: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen 1 | UFC 117, 2010

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Anderson Silva met Chael Sonnen almost 10 years ago at UFC 117 for Silva's seventh middleweight title defense. Silva and Sonnen would meet again two years later at UFC 148.

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💬 Comments on the video

Chael was the only man to figure out the spider in his prime. But to Silva's credit he found a way to win in the end. Both legends of the game

Author — 123 G


Anderson’s triangle is a prime example of why you should never quit in life - you can be losing the whole time but it only takes 1 opportunity to win

Author — 007 47


“Silva black
Sonnen white”
Yeah I noticed

Author — wivuyao


Me after watching 2 minutes of Chael feeding punches to Anderson's face: How is this video 28 minutes long?

Author — Raw Straw


I've watched this fight multiple times and every time I think "there's no way Silva's winning this" even though I know the outcome.

Author — Luigi


“I thought that if you tapped, it meant the end of the round”

Author — Jerrygotauzi


I didn't actually realise how tough Chael Sonnen is. I'm just used to him talking crap on youtube so much lol

Author — Paul Brenning


"is it too early for Chael to start celebrating?"
Yes Joe, yes it is.

Author — Anon Ymous


I can't believe Silva was able to beat the GOAT

Author — BrandorVideos


All the chael jokes aside, he really did whoop Anderson Silva’s ass for the entire fight until he got tapped

Author — Kristopher Rice


"Chael Sonen" a name, that'll ring forever, in Silvas ears, it'll haunt his ears, like a bad horror movie.
Respect to Sonen, congrats to Silva. And still watching in 2020!

Author — Nemaney Sarasau Jr.


I've watched this fight like 4 times during quarantine...absolutely AMAZING

Author — Stigst


This would be the modern day equivalent of beating jon jones ass for 4 1/2 rounds then getting triangled.

Author — Rafael Lyle


Still remember watching this live with a Chael fan while I was rooting for Anderson 😆 RIP Hammond

Author — FL Elite


Chael never gets enough credit for dominating a prime Anderson Silva

Author — ScubaSteve


That Flip in the beginning was soo smooth... damn

Author — Kevinstaedler


Jesus, the crowd was deafening when Silva caught Sonnen with hail marry triangle choke

Author — Derson Nett


Boy Chael in his prime was fun to watch, hell of a fighter!

Author — Ed Young


This fight brakes my heart everytime 😭

Author — Sebastian Peczalka


Man these Anderson Silva fans are getting really good with these edits. Casual fans might watch this and actually believe Chael managed to lose

Author — E Bruner