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We take Ping Pong Trick Shots to the CRAZIEST level yet!
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💬 Comments on the video

It's exhausting thinking of how long it took to get the shots right

Author — Van Hendrix


Dude Perfect : Celebrating after first stunt
Cameraman:Sorry sir I forgot to switch on camera
Cameraman: RIP

Author — Kunal Agrawal


This is how many attempts it took them

Author — Yassin Hassanin


I think they took trigonometry too seriously at their school time

Author — Shrut Jain


I would be really scared to play beer pong with them 😂

Author — Devin G


4:10 this reminded me of american diggers(a show on discovery channel)😃😃😄

Author — Anjana


This reminds me how Tom tried to trap Jerry

Author — Katgami


Anyone else realize that was a 2 minutes intro 😂

Author — Sterling Widman


You didn't search for this

*The video searched us*

Author — The Real Draos ゲームなど。購読する


yoo, that’s the best intro i’ve ever seen no cap

Author — Sofi Castro


A cool stunt: **Exists**
Literally everyone on dude perfect:

Author — Itz Liv


It isn’t a dude perfect video unless they say “LETS

Author — LinkVO


And still I'm trying to throw a tissue paper into dustbin!

Author — saikiran nudurupati


That intro probably took forever to make

Author — SamboWambo


4:13 I thought the cup had a dude perfect sign on it lol

Author — LerXgamer


It’s called dude perfect because they only show the perfect shots

Author — OhSoYou’re ApproachingMe


You guys should have a first try competion where y'all see who nails the most trick shots for the first time.

Author — Luis Guerrero


That’s a lot of cleani- Uh, er, I uh mean *that looks, * uh, *cool?*

Author — Emily Arends


I wonder how many times they tried just to get the perfect moment on camera 😁

Author — Kuroneko Chan


best 5:50 Minutes I wasted instead of learning for my exams

Author — Sam Walton