Narendra Modi के ऐलान और Owaisi के बयान के बीच जानिए सरकारें गाय के लिए असल में क्या कर रही हैं?

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The Lallantop Show - 11 September, 2019

PM Modi launched National Animal Disease Control Programme & National Artificial Insemination Programme in Mathura on 11 September, 2019. The programmes intent to control and eradicate Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Brucellosis. PM also hit out at people who are 'shocked to hear the words 'cow' and 'Om'.' AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi hit back to this remark and said PM talks of one religion alone. How are cows and other bovines faring in India? What are the government policies for them? Are they effective? Watch Saurabh Dwivedi discuss in detail.

Also watch Saurabh discuss the pro's and con's of the much discussed and (debated) government ban on single use plastic (proposed).

Produced By: The Lallantop
Edited By: Rohit/ Radhe

Download — Narendra Modi के ऐलान और Owaisi के बयान के बीच जानिए सरकारें गाय के लिए असल में क्या कर रही हैं?

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Beef export me 2nd pr hai india, , fir ye kya gauraksha ka natak laga rakhte hai ye log.

Author — Saurabh Shrivastava


गौबंस का क़त्ल नहीं होता पर
उससे भी ज्यादा कड़ी सजा भोग रहे है पशु
पूजा करने से कुछ नहीं होता, गौबंस को पाल के देखो
जीवन चक्र ही सत्य है
पशु -धन तभी होगा जब बो बिकेगा

Author — Aman Katiyar


sir, mujhe hasi ata yese bewakuf logon par jo, plastic, sigar, guthkha, ban karne ki bat karte he, but factory band nhe karte, apko kya lagta he

Author — D͢I͢L͢ S͢E͢ D͢I͢L͢ T͢A͢K͢


Please make one video on raman Magsaysa awards on ravish kumar 🇮🇳

Author — Addu 4ever


सड़क पर घूम रहे छूट्टा बैलों व कुछ गायों के कारण बहुत से राहगीरो की मौत हो गयी या बुरी तरह घायल हो गये |

Author — bhartiy hindu


अरे भाई इतना सच मत बोलो, अंधभक्त कोमा में चले जायेंगे!

Author — SpamMachine X


kyoki job pr koi bolta ni econmy m koi bolta ni

Author — abhinav sharma


We people of India will become 2nd class citizen and cow will become 1st class citizen of HINDUSTAN

Author — gagandeep singh


India is No. 2 in beef export all over the world. Who owns the big slaughter houses. Lipservice only will not save cows. Start Goshallas in every city. Stop poor cows from eating plastic from garbage dumps all over delhi and Noida. Create local donation funds to feed cows. Take them off the streets creating traffic hazards. Serve cows not just create political affairs.



Hahahahaha cow is political agenda unemployment is increasing day by day but it's doesn't matter wah

Author — Indianman Bhopal


*Modi ne bola hai ab log cow ki sawari karne Lage hai isliye auto sector main mandi hai . Wah Modi ji Wah*

Author — Rahul Singh


In India three types of people
1. Blind Modi followers (45)
2. Blind. Modi. Opposer (45)

3. People who thinks than react ( 5-7 )

Author — think twice


Modi and yogi need only power they don't care about anything just fake propaganda. And making people fool.. And we are idiot believe in them.

Author — bigbang gokha


I totally agree, there are over 1000 animas lying on roads and streets only in jabalpur city itself..
And no one is bothered, nagar nigam and everyone is sleeping..

Author — Praveen Verma


हमारा तो मन करता है कोई साथ मे दिल चस्पी नहीं लेता।

Author — Student power✊


☭ *LAL SALAM* The Lallantop
You did great journalism...

Author — Ayush soni


सोरब जी
यह रिपोटँसे कही आपको इस्तेफा देना न पड जाए.
जरां संभल कर, .कयोकि हम गायों की एसी नस्ल पैदा करने जा रहे है कि वह खूद अपना जीवन सुधार लै ...!!!

Author — Yasinmiya qasimmiya thakor


Another Hindu Muslim hatred angle, diverting from real issue.Wah Modiji wah

Author — Bade Bhaiya


लल्लनटॉप के लल्लनटॉप एंकर सौरभ दादा 300 वें सफल एपिसोड की बधाई 💐 💐

Author — sourabh tameshwari


In world cows gives milk
But in India cows gives votes

Author — koushal naik