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The number of people dying from coronavirus in Italy has risen by 475 in one day to nearly 3,000 - the biggest increase since the outbreak.

There are a total of 35,713 confirmed cases in the country, with more than 4,000 having successfully recovered.

Lombardy, the worst-hit region, recorded 319 deaths in one day.

Italy is the world's worst affected country after China, where the virus originated last year. At least 8,758 people have died, most in China.

Spain now has 598 dead and 13,716 infections. An inquiry is to be launched into the deaths of at least 17 residents of a nursing home in Madrid, where dozens of cases of Covid-19 have been reported.

In France, the number of confirmed cases grew by more than 16% on Tuesday, reaching 7,730, while the death toll rose to 175, with 7% of the dead aged under 65.

In the UK, the number of dead has reached 104.

Germany has 12 deaths and 8,198 cases. In a TV address, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to abide by restrictions aimed at combating the pandemic. "Since German reunification, actually, since World War Two, there has never been a challenge for our country in which acting in solidarity was so very crucial," she said.

Belgium has 14 deaths and 1,486 cases.

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Humanity has spent trillions building war chess, than health care, when real enemy is disease and poverty and ill health

Author — Kwabena Boateng


I'm Italian, I live in Lodi where the virus has started to spread.
The situation here is dramatic.
There are no more places in hospitals, hundreds of people are dying every day and there is no possibility of having funerals either.
I appeal to all people who live in other states.
Even if your government has not yet imposed major restrictive measures, stay at home.
Stay home, save the world🇮🇹

Author — Luca Bruognolo


These footballers don't deserve the wages they are on, give It to the doctors n nurses instead

Author — jose's leather jacket


" One person's death is *tragedy*, a hundred's are *statistics* "

Author — It's me


"Italians are behaving rationally."
America: *mf WW3 over toliet paper*

Author — Queen of Terrasen


I just hope that, when this is all over, humanity will change its stance on work, money and the environment. There’s a lesson to be learned with all this.

Author — Alexandre Palazzo


The most problem in Italy is that people dont stay at home in quarantine, the same thing is in my country..people think that is nothing, they dont realise how much that virus is dangerous!

Author — Kristijan Jerković


I feel bad for the man who collapsed, smh.... he's working hard for his people.

Author — K.O. 11:11


“We’re not even counting the dead anymore” 😢 so sad

Author — Rebecca Dunne


I'm going back to sleep, wake me up when this is over.

Author — Dan Erickson


“And we are not even counting the dead anymore”, that’s pretty scary.

Author — ExposingMiLabs


Very impressed with the italians conservative approach to food buying, well done.

Author — Fin Norvell


This is so heart breaking I hope and pray for all of your safety everyone... Stay strong and stay safe

Author — merlie331


2020 .. One after another, , recently the mass burning in Australia kills animals, now covid19 kills humans

Author — Bintu Addin


Italy, so sad. Austria here, in lockdown, one week already Lockdown extended till 15th April . We stay at home for ourselves and others STAY AT HOME

Author — soinhu foitu


Italy neglected in initial stage, even they started a campaign called hug Chinese to show solidarity with Chinese, now paying the price of neglect

Author — mohan s


"We are not counting the death anymore" Thats scary!!!

Author — Miss Валентинка


I feel bad this disease has landed in Africa and more so in my country Kenya. We have poorly equipped hospitals and moreso people won't respond to government directives to stay indoors.



this brought tears to my eyes..love from Jmaica

Author — seeker jay


just imagine if we funded medical resources just as much as we fund the militaries

Author — hair