Following nomadic footsteps from Osh to Almaty || WO2W cycling in Central Asia (EP.12)

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Hi! We're Holly & Conrad

We are currently on a bicycle tour around the world. Our trip started in April 2017 and we have been cycling east ever since. We crossed the to the Pamir Highway in August and are currently in SE Asia. After completing this section of the trip we fly to Australia & NZ and finally the Americas. In these videos, we hope to show you what our life is like on the road.

We left Osh with a renewed spring in our step only to have our bubble burst by Kyrgyz drivers during the first day. After a group huddle we decided to take a taxi up to the reservoir at Toktogul for Conrad's birthday before pressing on to the last two passes of Central Asia.

When faced with the prospect of riding through 3km of an unlit, poorly paved tunnel we opted for the safer (sort of) option of hitchhiking with two truckers. Bikes and bodies intact we emerged the other side and like any good Kyrgyz driver they celebrated with vodka, photos and more vodka.

Entering Almaty was unreal, we had been in Bishkek only three days before but this was a real city, a proper city. The ride to our hostel took us pass countless cafes, (decent) restaurants and actual bike shops.
We have reached many destinations that feel like the 'end' but no more than Almaty. With a week of recharging and relaxing behind us we finally packed our bikes up and said our goodbyes to friends, the mountains and Central Asia.

Music :
Luke Reed - Lose
Aiden Knight - Funeral Singers

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New sub binge-watching - must say I am impressed by the footage, the editing, storytelling, held in minimal frills, informative, no-nonsense yet highly entertaining! Right up there in the top YT echelon it in Bishkek, after thousands of miles and months on end, you both look like you just got off the

Author — Real Space Hobo


Love the music and the scenery! Sometimes I regret that we went through China instead of Kyrgyzstan and Kasachstan. I like the horses on the roads!

Author — alles in 12 taschen


Love this one. Inspirational stuff! We are currently in Serbia and finishing in Istanbul but wish we could have the time to go as far as you guys... I might need another sabbatical...! Let us know what you think of our vids.. Balkans vids should be done in a month or so.. difficult to edit on the road when there's so much going on around you ay!! Great skills on your edits :)

Author — Mat Hall


Oh, hey!
I am currently in kyrgyzstan ))
Only it doesn't look so exciting and great when you're stuck here for years ((

Thanks for your videos though, guys!
I enjoy watching your cycling adventures in other countries!!

Author — SavedByGrace


great video again and I understand this is the end of you're journey? I enjoyed you're videos. Happy Christmas 🎄

Author — Gert Kamphuis


Made my day you posting another video. The herd of horses along the road, far out. The puppy was clearly very loveable. Is this the end of your journey?  :@(

Author — Alex Morgan


You’re trip is awesome I like it how many days you were spend their??

Author — Mujtaba Sindho


How much money did you save before embarking on this trip? Any suggestions for others who want to take some time off and take a bike trip around the world?

Author — storyandsoundscape


Hey guys did you enter Kazakhstan after the Caspian Sea? We're cycling central Asia next spring and was just wondering is Kazakhstan would let us back in a second time on the original visa on arrival or if we'd have to buy a separate multiple entry visa to get back in to fly from Almaty. Cheers!

Author — Cycle Our World