Nepal earthquake: Video shows terrified tourists as the temple collapses - BBC News

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Amateur video has emerged of the moment ancient temples in the Nepalese town of Bhaktapur were destroyed by an earthquake.

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I have no words. I would like to send my sincere and deepest condolence and love to the beautiful country Nepal and to the strong Nepalese people. From Japan.

Author — Out There Pictures


To the Christians in the comments, please act like a Christian. Instead of being happy for the destruction of the temple, feel despaired. As a Christian, It is a shame that people are talking like this. It's mainly the reason why we get made fun of. This crisis is not something we should be happy about. Act of God? Really now though?

Author — 77annu


lol @ Christians who think it's good that the temples got destroyed by an 'act of God'. I'm an atheist and I think it's a shame :/

Author — tkellaway


Bhaktapur is such a beautiful place, it was one of my favourite places in Nepal.  So much ancient history that is just blended with the town, not roped off or anything.  Sad.

Author — CrStrifey


Dang, its been 5 years and im still devastated
I remember whole

Author — GamingWithAarnav


Religion is just a name guys ..just show some respect in the name of humanity ..people in the comment section are like bunch of sheeps who don't know nothing ....

Author — Bee zay


there is tear in my eye while remembring this

Author — Sabin lamichhane


Nepal please strong and steadfast. In North America we are collecting various resources to send asap. Collections are being made from Masjids, churches and temples. God willing we rebuild your homes, Masjids, churches, and temples.

This is a clear reminder to us in the West that this can happen here as well anytime.

Author — Sajed Mohammad


Wow... their first thought would be that it's the apocalypse...

Author — NaderR


I can't stop my tears while watching this

Author — Ravi Gyawali


I thought the temple held up pretty well. They'll fix it in no time. Too bad about the 34000 dead people, though.

Author — MilTacticsandStuff


Rest in Peace to all those young and old who passed away.

Author — Authentic Max


That guy at 0:08 be walking like me after too many alcoholic beverages.

Author — T mult


Fact (well I think it’s true) baby was in the temple when it crashed and thankfully survied!

Author — 심장-Swxdxn-심장


Oh Boy
I only saw collapsing buildings in Movies but seeing a real Video of a collapsing Building is very crazy

Author — ShangHigh 999


We were right there when this happened.. Thank god we could escape

Author — Rubix G


scary....actully i was supposed to be there, , , Bhaktapur.. on Saturday afternoon...

Author — mj


This is were I was born 😭😭 hope u guys survive my people

Author — LIL PeePoo


They used this clip in Pacific Rim Uprising 2018 @ 2:53.

Author — Deepesh Choudhary


Just watch the birds and feel how terrifying it was.

Author — junaid anwar