Boy's Body Recovered after Disney Gator Attack

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The body of a 2-year-old Nebraska boy who was attacked has been recovered, but it raises questions about gator behavior.

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Hey I got a brilliant idea. Let’s drain half of this gator swamp and build a giant kids theme park. A Disney park. Good idea Sharon

Author — NextLevel BJJ


“Humans build on alligators land”

Alligator attacks human

Human: *surprised pickachu face*

Author — Lilly yeeetsbanana's


We build homes on animals homes so them attacking people should not be a big surprise

Author — Fernando Villa


Sad but “no swimming” means no swimming. They don’t have to explain there’s gators in order to make them follow instructions from a sign.

Author — zowi1rawr


Why would u let ur son in swamp water at 9 at night

Author — Tara STracuzzi


"No swimming"
Kids Parents: "Its free real estate"

Author — JGs Reptiles


So basically humans being surprised that alligators look for food in their natural habitat
Dumb human, dumb...

Author — I StM I


Odds of being attacked are 1 in 2.5million


Your wading around water, at night, in Florida. Then chances go up a bit

Author — Corey Davenport


It’s not the gators the problem. It’s the humans destroying everything.

Author — Peter DeSantis


Build over their habitats and then wonder why they are in the parks.. And calling them a “nuisance” nah bro we’re the nuisance

Author — Satan Loves You


Humans: *kills lots of species*
Aligator: *kills a human*
Humans: *wait thats illegal*

Author — Greg Heffley


Just to inform anyone that didn’t know, Disney also has snakes, bears, bobcats, and the Florida panther.

Author — Christina Mammolito


I'm tired of watching news that said animals are invading people's place. People are the ones who're invading the animals' place.

Author — Fyuu Fyu


"Gators have become a nuisance" Are you really serious?! It their habitat.

Author — Aria Cartoonist


People build in the alligators homes. Where are they supposed to go!?!!!!

Author — Lexy Alvarez


Let’s just kill gators 🐊 for no reason except that we are invading their land.

Author — Amy Halle


I can’t imagine how the father felt when he saw his son being taken away from his grip

Author — Audrey Burnside


Humans: Oh ya it’s fine if we kill alligators. Alligator attacks a human.Let’s kill there entire species!

Author — Howtoeditforyou :D


As much as I feel so bad for the family's loss but it's the gators territory...

Author — Soochz Kookoo


They were here first. It’s their domain. No swimming means no swimming. Period. I live in Florida and respect the shit out of them.

Author — Gisel Chaviano