Coronavirus deaths rising fast in Europe and US - BBC News

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Coronavirus is claiming more lives across Europe and in the United States. Italy is seeing the fastest rise in deaths since the beginning of the outbreak, almost 1,000 in the last 24 hours. Spain also faces a rising number of deaths and critically ill patients. In the US President Trump has authorised a two-trillion dollar emergency package in an attempt to protect the economy. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reports from Mark Lowen in Rome, Damian Grammaticas in Madrid and Nick Bryant in New York.

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Doctors nurses are the soldiers in this war against the virus, pls show the highest salute to those heroes.

Author — Wang Minhua


Bangladesh is in lock down. Living a captivated life.

Allah bless Italy, Spain, US & rest of the world.

Author — FAF presents


The price you pay for having fools at the helm. Choose your leaders carefully, they literally have your lives in their hands

Author — Iam Me


I pray for Italy at this time of need and grief. My condolences and heartfelt hopes for better days.

Author — Essex123 456


Here in Africa only the weather and God will come to our rescue. Stay safe every one we will overcome this.

Author — Tony Lekaana


It takes 10-13 years to train a doctor - 46 doctors dead - that's a huge dent in their health resources with no prospect of easy replacement..

Author — Helen Trope


this is the literally the most heartbreaking thing ...900 deaths... it's like a population of an entire town or village

Author — Tousif Habib


The movies lied. They said that aliens would come to earth in giant spaceships. They never said that aliens would come to earth as tiny invisible killers.

Author — Joseph Bishara


I lost my beautiful mom yesterday to this evil disease, I couldn’t be with her, hold her hand and say I love her.
She was my rock, my everything, my whole world feels obliterated.
My mom was the most beautiful kind soul And I miss her so so much my heart is breaking.
Stay at home please folks!

Author — Fay Hughes


Someone 'joke coughed' on me today. I was livid, and he laughed and did it again. I cannot befuckinglieve people are still not taking this seriously?

Edit: I was at work (delivery), he was a customer, I didn't punch him and I will not punch him, I think I was in shock/thought I might be overreacting but I will report him and his address. Thanks for the support!

Author — Random Videos


SARS, MERS and even a movie called Contagion already warned us, and yet the government and the people of the world still think this is a joke and unprepared

Author — Twin Bee


I wish I could tell everybody on this Earth a very strong vivid fact about saving yourself from Covid 19 getting into your lungs.
I been telling people for over two months now and many have heeded and passed through this without growing any severe infection. I am alarmed at numbness of doctors too.
I have tired my fingers so much on this.
1. This virus attacks weaknesses in the body. It needs your blood stream to survive and reproduce. This is why when this gets in your mouth, it causes irritation in the throat. First defence line is throat.
It cannot pass that unless it gets a gate pass. Remember, when you start to have dry cough, try to stop it as much as possible. There are two types of cough. The cough we normally have which lungs produce to clear airway passages from mucus etc and second which is called dry cough caused by allergic irritation.
What this virus does is it causes irritative cough which is consistent. So you start to cough. When you cough the wet regions of your throat start to get dry and as they dry the cough starts to get deeper injuring your upper respiratory tract. During this phase, when your immune system starts attending throat and lung damage, this virus slips down to your lungs. Lungs are next to throat. Already injured lungs immune system cannot identify ace cells inhibition by this virus and they get depleted. While virus cells grow in thousands. This is for most, game over situation.

2. Vaccines are not virus killers. They alert your defence system to fight viral cells. They help make anti bodies that help stop multiplication of virus.

3. What can we do before vaccine is available ?
Start treating yourself as patient. Don't wait. This will save you.
Dont drink water in routine but in smaller quantity every one hour in wake times. Quit cold water right away.
If not hot, at least warm water 2-3 sips every hour.
Take garlic. Don't chew it. Keep in your mouth like a candy. Let it soften just enjoy the extract. Throw it after 15 mnts. Repeat twice a day.
Gargle every 4-6 hours with saline.
Now if you have the virus follow following points.
By time you know you have it, it will be in your lungs.
A) Immediately start cough syrup sedative most recommended. Stop coughing this is the most important part.
B) Don't lower your body temperature. Temperature is a sign your body is fighting infection. It is to bring into your notice that you have some infection. Keep your paracetamol dose very low.
C) Start taking Gauva Brocolli cabbage well washed n uncooked.
D) lemon juice in hot water.
E) zinc supplement and vitamin D supplement and at least one hour of sunshine. Daily !
F) eat 5-6 black fennel flower seeds twice a day. They are potent antiviral.
5-6 days, isolation. Avoid repeated exposure that will give you further clusters and make it more difficult for your body to fight it off.
Stay away from every body. Sanitize your items in use.
You will recover with in a week.
Use Steam to freshen your self...

Author — Mr Brown


-China created a new group called covid-19
China added all the countries to group
-China made America admin of group
-China left the group🤣🤣🤣

Author — Being Anonymous


News channels make me cry. I want the plain facts and actual news without the condescending tones and injected sensationalism of a nature documentary.

Author — Geralt of Rivia


The lock down has nothing to do with the number of death these people got infected before and their was a spread before the lock down. What the lock down will stop is the spread and new infections.

Author — Gloria Steadman


The governments let this spread deliberately. Everyone seen it coming in January, and nothing was done

Author — lean bean


"cough" !
"cough", "cough" USA !
"cough", "cough", "cough", "cough"

Author — Tim Junkster


"Its so contagious"
Saying that while he's standing in front of a red zone without a mask or any protection -_-

Author — Man of Culture Allanzo


Dying with money in your pocket is the same as dying without.

Author — Victor Chew


Can you imagine building the morgue then being in it.

Author — Pamela Raney