LATEST F1 NEWS: DC on Sainz's move, Alonso to return?

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"Our latest Formula 1 2020 news updates as part of our rolling coverage.

- Coulthard Hails Sainz Approach
- Vettel Can Still Win, Says Tost
- Alonso To Renault?
- Norris Stays At McLaren
- Roberts Joins Williams
- F1 Set For Tightening Cap
- Ferrari To Enter IndyCar?
- Ferrari Introduces FI5
- Correa Continues Recovery
- Calendar Talks Continue

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Never have I thought that this channel would have the the phrase "meme lord" on their channel

Author — Leodoz


Alonso was top when he joined ferrari, vettel was top when he joined ferrari, both drivers career ruined after joining ferrari.

Author — bibek karky


« Meme Lord »: The least expected word to come from such a serious channel like The Inside Line!

Author — GRIZZLY1092


"Classically Professional" what a great compliment to have thrown your way. Well said David Coulthard.

Author — Kieran O'Loughlin


Still weird these don’t get more views

Author — Ruben Fraser


Hi and thanks Inside Line 😀 fingers crossed we can start racing on the date's given 😀

Author — Nicola Fox


“.... they wouldn’t continue with Sebastian Vettel after 2020 to reach their objectives” idk why that made me laugh

Author — Zeronero


So is it confirmed that ALONSO will return??? I hope so

Author — Chase Maccer


I really look forward to the hijinks Lando and Danny will get up to, they're gonna be the funniest team on the grid.

Author — Mac Diddy


China in this year's unofficial draft Calendar. Seriously F1?

Author — Seenu's HCR2


why did I think I was initially looking at David Hasselhoff...??

Author — Steve Marks


Narrator makes me laugh. Sounds like Clive James. 😂

Author — peter johnson


i am so happy for correa that he is progressing a lot in his recovery

Author — Myrko van Renswoude


Hats down to Juan Manuel Correa for the will and passion that so few have today.

Author — Kelden


1:58 "in the right seat he (Vettel)still can races?"

Excuse me w h a t that's a clear discount!

That line is maybe matching for Kimi !

Vettel I s in his prime! May be late prime but prime!
SEB is in his prime and seated in Hamilton's car he'd be ON SPOT better n a race han Hampton due to his reflexes, his attitude and his driver skills.

Directly stopped watching Your Footage => NEXT!!!

Author — wert freund


What is that abomination that DC is sitting in front of?!

Author — Aston R


Man I need that 2020 McLaren polo shirt so bad!!!!

Author — Alpesh Srivastava


It's funny how McLaren livery is directly proportional to their performances since they parted ways with Merc.

Author — Mawande Tsoliwe


Nice one inside line, I'll just be happy when i hear the lights out and away we go, finally stay safe 👍

Author — Gerry D


I would want Alonso for 1-2 seasons... Last dance as Kimi has with Alfa.

Author — Boris Posavec