New Research Suggests The Coronavirus May Be Far Worse Than We Thought

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Chinese officials are now warning the Wuhan coronavirus may spread by aerosol transmission.

We have known it spreads via fomites contained within mucus-based globules, spread by coughing, sneezing, etc. 

But if it also transmits from human to human via aerosol means, it's likely FAR more contagious than previously feared.

Many of the most contagious diseases, like measles, spread as aerosols  -- tiny particles that hang in the air for a protracted time.

If confirmed, this makes a very bad situation substantially worse. 

And adding to the hit parade of bad news, recent research shows that coronavirus particles can survive on surfaces for up to 5-9 days. At least, the good news is that chlorine-based cleaners (like simple bleach) appear effective at killing the virus within 1 minute.

So, again, good hygiene practices are our best defense here. Avoid exposure, and when in public areas, protect your eyes/nose/mouth/skin, and sanitize often.

Meanwhile, the data shows the virus continues to spread around the world. And we see more indirect evidence that the infected and fatality data out of China may be much higher than what's being reported.

Folks, this virus is a beast.

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I live in the US and started buying food, water, and necessities. If things get worse we are ready to stay indoors for a month. If nothing happens I just have to eat a bit more tuna than I usually do!

Author — amabdall


This smacks of population reduction. I agree don’t take flights

Author — Debra Cursaro


I am reminded of that scene from Chernobyl when they finally got the right device to measure the radiation:
“...it’s not 3.6 Roentgen...it’s 15, 000”.

Author — Peter Tauvers


The WHO is accused of being part of the depopulation agenda. It was actually created for that purpose.

Author — CAUTIOUS1



Author — joker Darker


These "make shift hospitals" are nothing less than concentration camps. People are sent there to die.

Author — Mark Mayhem


Im a Health care professional. What I'm seeing is scary to say the least. Only those coming from China (and those in contact with them) get tested. Just one Example: young patient coming from overseas (not china) who comes down with pneumonia so severe that being fully paralyzed, intubated, on a Roto bed is not working. Can we test for coronavirus? Nope. Not from China. Now Chinese officials have told us about the virus being airborne and possibility of asymptomatic super spreaders being out there. Also we know that closing up wuhan didn't happened till way later after many were already infected; cancelling flights to china didn't happen till much later than that. I don't think it's that far fetched to believe that the virus is already here (besides the confirmed cases) and things could get ugly real quick since no one gets tested even if they are dying in an ICU with every symptom matching COVID unless they came from china or were in contact with one who did. Remember the 5 British who got infected in a ski lodge in France got it from someone who reportedly picked it up in Singapore and not china. Even worse, it seems like the test kits that we received in the states might be defective according to media reports.

Author — D truthing


It's like we're living in the movie, "28 Weeks Later". Remember that scene where they were in the car in London while NATO troops were spraying that stuff all over the place?

Author — Solas O'Dimm


My family and I just come back to the USA from China. We all had a cough and told the CDC that we left a city with infected people. The CDC still had no problem with letting us in. All they asked us to do was check out temps tiwce a day for 14 days. Its very concerning, half the plan we where on could have been infected. Heck me and my whole family could be infacted and they just let us in. We could have all went to diseny land today if we wanted, its crazy and very concerning. We are self quirantining ourselves as we feel its our morail responcabilaty. But you need to know that the CDC has been letting plane loads of people from China with no trouble and I'm sure most will not self quiratine themselves. Be carful out there....

Author — davefish84


everybody gangsta until a chinese man start coughing next to you

Author — Big Drip Flacko


SARS took 8 month to this has trippled the infection rate in less than 8 weeks, and killed more

Author — Lesser of 2 evils!


The chance of a Chinese national getting this virus and surviving depends on many factors...but mostly on their social credit score.

Author — Paul Slevinsky


Isn't it possible, even probable, that the Chinese government underreported the number of deaths from the SARS Coronavirus as well?

Author — pisse3000


my family lives in the middle East they told me that young adults are "catching a cold" and dying few days later. A close family doctor said that the virus has already spread there but they don't have the diagnostic kits to officially confirm and announce the spread of the virus

Author — Anna AL


They need to stop all shipping containers of goods too.

Author — Gertrude


The videos smuggled out of China show a situation far worse than the government is admitting.

Author — Charles Bates


We need to ban all flights from China period until this is sorted out

Author — MSDesign ASMR


WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters that misinformation was
"making the work of our heroic workers even harder".
"I would also like to speak briefly about the importance of facts, not fear, " Dr Tedros said.
"People must have access to accurate information to protect themselves and others."
"At the WHO we're not just battling the virus, we're also battling the trolls and conspiracy theories that undermine our response, " he added.

in other words shut up inferior deplorable trolls and believe everything we say

Author — six strings


When are the bodies going to reanimate? I've been ready for a zombie apocalypse

Author — Moon Raker


I think the whole notion of gaslighting is important to focus on as well. Over the past 2-3 weeks now, I have become more and more vocal to my coworkers, friends, family about this Coronavirus. Never before in my life (and I'm an old guy now) have I been simply "alone" in my fears and concerns. Nobody here knows hardly ANYTHING about it, and when I try to impress the truth on them, I've been met each time with either frustration, anger, or pure dismissal.. Or a combination of the three.

I've seen a lot of those early videos that thankfully got "leaked" onto YouTube. There is simply no more leaked footage now. To me, this is most likely because there are "people" censoring those uploads as soon as they arrive for posting. And I agree, the messaging from mostly all (if not all) mainstream media in Ontario (Canada) says NOTHING to us as individuals. Nobody has said "it's time to prepare" and that is scary on every level. Your channel is super important. This coverage, the true coverage, is super important. I feel very much like CDC, WHO, our governments, and the mainstream media are all acting in a concerted campaign to just misinform, or misrepresent the true scope and danger of this Coronavirus threat.

I read some bits on Event 201. And I understand that their operating principles are based solely around keeping social order, and the stability of our institutions (and the societal structure as a whole). In what I read, there have been absolutely no considerations for the safety or medical treatment of individuals. It seems as though the working assumption for the next global pandemic - if this is truly it - is that we're all "on our own". And seeing this unfold exactly in this manner each day is more and more terrifying.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not concerned as much about my friends and coworkers' awareness anymore. I've done my diligence. I'm focusing more and more on prepping as much as possible. For whatever it's worth. Anything I can do to "try" and prolong myself and my kids from becoming infected with this, I'll do it. I strongly suggest that everyone starts collecting supplies now, as I fear that the mass public will soon become much more aware, and then, we can all watch the global supply chain stop - while it is overwhelmed with packages, and in-store supplies run completely out, while mile long lineups form... just like in Wuhan, Hong Kong, and so many other countries. This is real scary folks. Real scary. Yet I still get this feeling that this isn't really happening - like I'm going crazy over here - because none of what I'm reading from WHO, CDC, mainstream media supports my personal panic level.

So is that gaslighting?

What scares me the most, perhaps, is that mainstream media keeps putting up "experts" on the TV who are all, and I mean ALL, saying that "the flu kills more people each year than this... People are way overreacting... blah blah blah". This is completely counter-intuitive to everything that I've seen from those "leaked" YouTube videos, and from the critical information that comes from this Channel and the few I've found like it.

Author — Jason Bernath