P. C. Sorcar Jr. - Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai Indian Award Winning Talk Show - Zee Tv Hindi Serial

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#World renowned #magician #P.C.SorcarJr. is the #celebrity guest of this show. His wife Jayshree Sorcar comes to meet him. Some of P. C. Sorcar Jr. relatives, friends and disciples come to meet him. #Politician #MamtaBanerjee gives him the video message. P. C. Sorcar Jr.'s three daughters Menaka, Maibani and Mumtaz come to meet him. #zeetv #zeetvshow

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It is one of my favorite episode which I was kept on searching for last 12 years but never got it. But today I got it. I am the first one to comment here wat more I can ask for after 12 yrs of search.

Author — Atul Bharadwaj


pride of Bengal.. pride of India.. such a humble gentleman

Author — Samrat Sen


There is also a magic in your smiling face. The name was heard, had seen today



P.c.sarkar এর মতো এত সুন্দর কথা কেউ বলতে পারে না। উনি প্রকৃত ভালো মানুষ ও কথার যাদুকর ও বটে।

Author — Chandra Sen


A biopic can be made on this great man!!!!

Author — Sami


P C sarkar is pure gold. Pride of India

Author — Swapan Das


Masha Allah hamare B Sarkarki goobime chamathkar he hamare PC Sarkar. What brilliant human, i salute you sir. Very tuching episode. Thanks.

Author — mohammed islam


Gili gili gey.... India's best magician after his father

Author — Bittu Best


Kudos to this guy for exposing that fake Sathya Sai Baba!!!!

Author — estrynix eagle


Dhinchak puja will have 10 million views but this kind of videos have still not reached 1 million till i comment, really disgusting

Author — Somnath Biswas


RIP Farooq bhai, really we miss you and your programs.

Author — Arctic Circle


A Heart of Gold
A Talent like Diamond
A Character of Titanium
A Human like Enchanter.
This is PC Sorcar

Author — Suman Roy Parbat


i love your smiley face sir, , , more than your magic

Author — Babar khan


He smiles like greatest Malayalam film actor Satyan.

Author — Jackey 4U


Really he is a great person with nice heart ..I love u pc Sir ..

Author — Jahirul Alam


In love with p.c sorcas personality...such a sweet person...and a good soul

Author — Mainul Mike


So jovial and emotional person.Respects.

Author — Rishon Malianker


P.c.sarkar is a great mazictian in India so we all proud of him

Author — Partha Sarkar


Thanks Zee for this wonderful episode! ❤️

Author — Madly Arnab


A true legend with a emotional heart, which is the true quality of a great man.

Author — Shashi Shankar