Hurricane Dorian Aftermath Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas Drone

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Drone video shows Marsh Harbour wiped off the map after Category 5 Hurricane Dorian leaves almost nothing standing. Video shot day after Dorian moved away from island.

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Horrific still! To know what those poor people went through for hours still rock me to the core?

Author — Sojourner


This is the right time for the American to buy view
Very pristine

Author — Amir Hasan


This might be an unpopular comment but most those boats COULD have been evacuated south to Eluthera or towards Bimini or even south Florida. Even if they waited till a couple of days before the storm hit, there was time. The fact that they weren't, to me, would make me think the owners are trying to cash in on insurance claims. Those boat owners had more than a week heads up to do something and make plans. If you own a boat like most of these, then you have the money to get the boat moved. Sorry, I have no sympathy for those who lost their boats.

Author — Bartman