Moment ammo depot blows up at Kazakhstan military base

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Courtesy: @kazakshadugalar

A massive fire erupted at a military base in Kazakhstan, which serves as an ammunition depot. Residents of a nearby town are posting apocalyptic videos of the disaster, showing powerful blasts and smoke billowing from the site.

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I live 400 km from this place. It happened today in a small town ARYS. There exploded a warehouse of weapons. There were old weapons, shells, ammunition from the days of the Afghan war. There are casualties among civilians. Thanks to all who are worried.

Author — Я величайший агроном на этой планете!


One of two options either foul play from foreign power mainly US/Israel or a failure in following security protocol.

Author — LVPN 1


i wish the best to kazakshtan from russia with love

Author — yung blade


God bless you all stay safe much love from the UK

Author — Dave Burnham


Damn! Be safe everyone. Much love from Malaysia.

Author — Irfan Manaf


Не харашо. Я надеюсь что никому ниц не случалось. Извините мой поохы Русский язык. Ето не мой национальны.

Author — Traitor Guardsman


Azamat why is the there a clock tikking while there is no clock?
Azamat: OH

Author — The_Mad_Bear 1096


The best cover up of missing guns and ammo. Just blow up the hangar and claim they where there. Ukrainian army done it few times in last couple of years.

Author — ambush crew


RT willl probably blame America for this lol

Author — MOB RULE


KABOOM! "Hey tell dad no fireworks this year"

Author — Dark Dan


I suppose the yanks will blame Russia again

Author — matthew grant


Now they will place new orders and mint handsome commission from the new deal
One better way for military industrial complex to thrive LoL 😁

Author — master blaster


“Peace, Peace, Peace,
When there is No Peace. But it will be only War, War, War, and War in this World.”
Only under the kingdom of God will be the truth peace and security, in this world.”

Author — ガンドルフォ


You can see and hear how far that sound had to travel and still cause some damage. Now imagine a nuke. It will literally flip your house over.

Author — Thomas Simeon


Это просто пугалка для народа чтобы тихо и мирно сидели пока эти тираны фараоны будут делать свои дела

Author — Oybekjon Bahronov


Coincidence? Last month another factory just blown up.

Author — RandomGaming


Ammo depot near a neighborhood, amazing idea!

Author — Ibn Muhammad


Condolences if the incident taking people’s life. We feel the sadness to the victims families and friends.

Author — I know That Feeling Bro


It was happened because a lot of corruption in military force¡
They sale everything.
And now there were no police there, but there were a lot in a peaceful manifestation. They detained more than 900 people.

Author — Saule K


Nice mushroom cloud, that's great for the atmosphere.

Author — William Miller