CNN went undercover in Venezuela. Here's why people are in the streets

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CNN's Nick Paton Walsh goes inside the deepening crisis in Venezuela to capture the desperation gripping the nation that could lead to political change.

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🤔How the hell did you go undercover in Venezuela with the whitest British non Spanish speaking man you can find!? 🤭

Author — MFVEGAS


The usa have now for more then 10 years santion venezuela.
CNN dont tell you this.
They are so hypocrit.

Author — Goy Tamso


CNN, The Most Trusted Name In Fake News.

Author — Michel Granger


"""we need a General to flip""" The people in Venezuela don't speak like that, that was clearly a USA PUPPET in the rear. The Iragi war made CNN what it is today, go figure.

Author — Monarchial Entertainment, Barbados.


Here comes the next pro war wave of propaganda from the western corporate media machine. Maybe just let the Venezuelan's distribute their oil profits among the people as opposed to international gangsters stealing the profits and allowing the people to suffer. Just a thought

Author — Russ Logan


Ahh good times. This reminds me of the time CNN went undercover in Syria and the reporters were sniffing back packs laced with chemical weapons.

Author — panser yesthatisall


i cant trust CNN no matter how objective it can be....these people can change their narrative at anytime

Author — neil nelson


2:15 the girls was talking recycling plastics 🤦‍♂️

Author — Sergio Lemus


Nice to finally see some income equality.

Author — D Flatt


CNN: socialism here is gonna work, there it doesn't.

Author — Dan 123


CNN promotes Socialism and degeneracy daily and then wonders why people hate journalists and laugh when they end up dead.

Author — Rake Steele


As always Dictators keep their power with generals and citizens disarmed!!
That's why this would never happen in America because the citizens are armed to the teeth!!

Author — Justice Warrior


People who don't live there are Leading Experts, just ask anybody in the Comment Section.

Author — The Aliens


"It's practice of self defense"

Author — Matheus rampazzo e silva


Living in the USA I'm blessed to go out and buy what I want to eat..My heart goes out to Venezuela and to other countries that have to live in this REGIME...Please God let them find a solution so the people wont starve that resort to violence and death..God bless.♡

Author — Christine Newhouse


Hear these jokers repeating this same tone again hahaha

Author — Jahzi Michael


Yemen is starving send the aid there. Or maybe to the 4000 columbians who's homes just got flooded.
Maybe give some to the opposition cos they must be tired after all that petrol bomb and rock throwing.

Author — carnagous


Coup by Tweet... I wonder how history will remember all this

Author — Bored in Quarantine


Paton walsh once again selflessly putting himself in the frontline to get the street level scoop for us.

Author — TheBlueskyson


Soon all that oil will be ours, ours, OURS! hahaha

Author — Avern Vrey