English News Bulletin – Nov 01, 2017 (8 am)

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Rajya Sabha TV | RSTV

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Can I know by how long this channel is going on

Author — Shikha dwivedi Dwivedi


Plz upload consistently regarding everything

Author — Mohan Mantra


Awesome news upload me English news with English subtitles please...

Author — Satish Joshi


Just viewed this. Very good presentation.

Author — K William


actually im here to understand of indian (english) accent

Author — riki adiputra


That cute girl have cold get well soon

Author — Akhilesh Bagre


1.Lol word is a common word in our life.
2. Today my mind is very bad because many many trying job & business purpose but no confarom till today.
3. Every day coming many many mail, - job, insurance, lone & other perpose but no confarom till today.
4. I am living Bangladesh from Asia but all company proposal want usa address & usa mobile number So mobile & address setting is very great problem.
5. I am always thinking my life is lol & my opportunity is lol because many many opportunity have, but this opportunity don't coming in my life because this opportunity don't connect me or don't call me.
6. I am always lol because my opportunity is not favou & It's not connected me.
7. My opportunity perpose I am always recharge & thanking what is this. It's show only people see not my helping.
8.our world many many people living & many many policy have but this policy damage my life.
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10. I am always respect true person. I am always remember helping people or helping business man because I am a simple, honest & true line writer. I am writing helping people.
Thanks all

Author — Tapash Biswas


Hi Mam,
How to fluently speak in english.
tell me

Author — Munna Kumar


best but every news upload in everyday

Author — Suraj Rathour


If you agree with following thoughts, please expose them to the public globally.

India is against Pakistan for provoking Muslims in Kashmir to seek freedom to convert
Kashmir into Islamic state rather than letting Muslims in Kashmir stay harmoniously with everyone the way Muslims do in rest of India and even globally in all other countries.

No country would like unity ad harmony between people in in their country to be divided by faith etc. Pakistan should know that India will not allow faith to destroy unity and harmony in Kashmir due to faith or any other political reasons.

How would Pakistan feel if India provokes people of certain regions in Pakistan to seek freedom from Pakistan?

It seems Pakistan is not concerned about Muslims in Kashmir but in controlling Kashmir Due rivers of fresh water which flow through Kashmir.

Times have changed and humans don’t get controlled by terrorists but with the help from the army, police etc. destroy them to keep our world peaceful ana safe for everyone.

It was mentioned in cancer advert that father is still a father and similarly we can conclude that humans with any faith, nationality, gender, age, colour, education, wealth, are still humans and are blessed with intelligence and ability to help and take care of each other the way animals can’t.

We should appreciate and be thankful to fellow humans who protect us from wild animals, illnesses, natural disasters and even from evil humans who like wild animals hurt and even kill fellow humans.

We are all able to enjoy quality life because of contributions from fallow humans and hence unity and harmony between humans is a must.

I hope that Pakistan understands clear message from mr Modi that we are an independ country and so will rule the country which includes Kashmir the way we and not Pakistan want.

Responsibility of all civilised humans is to make our world a better place for us and our future generations.

Please do not hesitate to correct me if I am wrong.

Thank you

Author — Yogesh Raja