Doctor’s mum in Wuhan cries while sending food to son in self-quarantine

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A mum in China’s Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, was filmed crying while sending food to her son, a frontline doctor in self-quarantine. After the video went viral online, the doctor’s younger sister has been collecting medical supplies for hospitals in need.

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Imagine being this dedicated to save people from viruses. And then there's someone out there getting on a bus full of people and refuses to wear mask.

Author — sherine


nothing like Mom .. mom is same every where ...

Author — Umar Farooq


A Mother will sacrifice everything, deny herself any happiness, even risk it all to make sure her children have their heart's content. Mother's are actually Angel's in disguise.

Author — Devron Ave


I'm from Brazil and I pray everyday for Chinese getting free from this virus. I know you all will come over from this hard moment stronger than ever.

Author — Lisiane Gonçalves


The main reason why he self-quarantine it’s because for the safety of his family & his mother. But his mother took the risk to see him.

Author — KaPowProduction


Hope he doesn’t have the virus and gets bettter👏👏👏

Author — Ian K


She made sure he still wasn’t hungry

Best mom ever

Author — God's Worshipers


This is so heartbreaking, how they are dealing with it..we all are praying for Wuhan, for China.. Love from India 💕

Author — Priyanka Sinha


Sending all prayer to frontline health professionals out there who help fighting this outbreak.

Author — Putri SN


I can't this is too much...it is making me cry 😭

Author — 키위


Hopefully they are able to eat together on the same table again soon....

Author — Eddie 2020


中国加油 .⛑️🙏
Respect to all Doctors and nurses👩‍⚕️. Praying for the world.

Author — 黄莉芳


Mom is a wonderful things in this world for sacrificing his life for his children's

Author — haobam amarjit


This is what’s called “Mother’s Love”😭❤️

Author — eden cupid


This is truly painful to watch.
Mothers are truly angels in disguise: they who never stop caring for their children, long after the children have become adults.

Author — issai 0108


It beaks my heart to see stories like these. We only see these scenarios in horror movies and the reality is so much worse and scary 🥺

Author — Pink Twist


This is really devastating.
A mother's love for her child is like nothing else In the world

Author — Food


Stop bullying, you dont know what Chinese people has through

Author — ekichandra


The only thing stronger braver than the virus governments tyranny is Moms love.

Author — Laura Larrabee


Those are the real heroes facing an unknown virus on the front lines to help save their people risking themselves getting sick too

Author — Dabbin appache James