The lockdown: One month in Wuhan

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At 10 a.m. on January 23, Wuhan went into lockdown. This was done to stop a deadly virus from spreading further across the nation. It was one day before Chinese New Year's Eve, a major travel day for people planning to return home for the holidays. This documentary is dedicated to all those who've been battling tirelessly against the COVID-19 virus in order to keep the epidemic at bay. Their efforts in safeguarding humanity from the virus will always be remembered. #Coronavirus #CGTNDocumentary

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I am Italian. Today is our first day of quarantine for me and my family, my little brother is ill. We are under the same sky, we are all brothers and sisters. Please be safe. Stay strong.

Author — Chiara Simoni


So far, the Chinese government has said nothing about the cost of fighting the virus. Other countries are still considering which is more important, economy or life. But now the Chinese government is not saying anything. It's so touching, and so scary, that some poor countries simply can't afford it. What to do.

Author — Teacher Qin Chinese fan


It breaks my heart when people discriminate against Chinese or Asians for that matter. They suffered, they died, the medical staff broke their backs to help the patients and eventually some of them died too. My heart goes out to all the families who lost their loved ones. No matter what race, nobody deserves this.

Author — Aura Games


I am Scottish and I live in China. Everyday several tv stations show volunteer support groups seeking volunteers to help. Every hour everyone is updated with whats happening. Not just gov't efforts but individual efforts. I am impressed with the way the Chinese help one another.

Author — Ss SOS


These Doctors and Nurses are in the middle of a War. Brave soldiers protecting people. Much respect.

Author — karen Burn


everyone has done his effort in this battle, even though he just stays at home, it's a great attribution. Thank you, everyone

Author — Cheng Chen


In this whole video I can't see here any Chinese or American, white or black, Muslim or Hindu etc.. Humans are trying to save lives of humans. May we all humans try to respect and care for each other like these instead of making weapons and atom bombs. 😢

Author — Saud Khan


The Chinese has warned us showed the rest of the world how to deal the virus in the past 2 months, and look at how our government has reacted?

Author — Tramplin O’Hanlon


God of all God's 1 lord 1 faith and 1 baptism. Jesus Christ. Let the Church say Amen

Author — Big Papa


Today it’s our fist day of Lockdown :( Pray for Italy.

Author — Betone


It is time to pray and seek forgiveness from God and desire his mercy for the world at large, and especially for those on the front line.

Author — Mark Johnson


I watched this video literally a month ago and realized how serious it was...I remember my coworkers saying we'll be ok, everything will be fine, look where we are now!

Author — Terry T


God bless all those medical students, doctors and nurses.

Author — Yohan Lobo


I m chiniese ,when I see your warm comments, I feel touched, love you guys ,pray for the world

Author — Amour et paix love the World


they really aren’t just protecting the people infected and their families, but the whole world
true heroes.

Author — Moonlight Mochi


These Chinese doctors, nurses & colleagues are an inspiration. This documentary should be broadcast to every nation in the world.

Author — Simon Price


Greetings from N-E of Italy. Trust EVER in (our) and yours scientists, medics, nurses, policemens, volouteers and donors. Keep them up !
No religion..here is the facts, people help people
Thank a lot to China and Chinese people for your help !!!!
Thanks to Russia, Cuba, Albania, Morocco ( sorry if I forget any Nation)

Good luck to everybody.

Author — inve imer


The world kept criticising China during the lockdown .. now it’s an example to all of them how to stop the spread

Author — Shakti Das


The whole thing started like JOKE look at where we are now! Damn! The virus need no visa/passport!

Author — ICT Trainer


Doctors and nurses are truly heroes in this difficult time.

Author — UzumakiNaruto