How a Legendary Chef Runs One of the World's Most Iconic Restaurants — Mise En Place

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On this episode of Mise En Place, we follow chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten through the kitchen at Jean-Georges, New York to see how he and his team painstakingly create and perfect dishes like yellowfin tuna noodles, sea urchin crostini, egg toast with caviar, perfectly cooked squab, and more.

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I love how truffle dealers just look like the grown up version of the guy who sold you weed in high school.

Author — Yossi Lipton


Customer - Where's my fillet?
Waiter - the chef is still interviewing the cow.

Author — Abhishek


It hurts to watch this while eating a bag of hot cheetos

Author — Sandes Sharma


Gordon Ramsey would have flashbacks to that grilled lettuce after seeing that cabbage 😂😂

Author — BeardedScotsman


Why they make it feel like it’s illegal when they are inspecting the food

Author — Fengyu Yin


not a single person yelling or cussing someone out. imagine that

Author — Joseph kirkpatrick


"It has been described as the world's greatest grilled cheese sandwich."

*no cheese*

Author — Michael S


customer: where's my food
waiter: the chef is still measuring the surface area of the inner cabbage folds

Author — Zhe Khai


Imagine being so boujee you say to yourself "I could really go for some roasted squab. Nothing hits the spot like a pigeon!"

Author — ILL Musky Hunter


People: How much accuracy you want.
Chef: Yes

Author — Shivansh Tripathi


Holy crap, his accent sounds so expensive

Author — BadummM


“Excuse me... I couldn’t help but to notice that my dill is not properly hydrated”

Author — Ulysse Worsfold


You have to love how clear, precise, and professional everyone is. Not pretentious, not screaming, just working hard. Wish I could afford that lol

Author — DanRonin


Once the virus leaves and my income tax comes in, I still won't be able to enjoy dinner here.

Author — Elite 4 Champion Josh


Now imagine the one kid just putting ketchup on all of this

Author — BeVA


This guy looks like he takes directions from a gifted rat.

Author — C L Y


Jean-George is very smart! Surround yourself with other chefs who aren't afraid to make suggestions and know their craft better than even you do at some points!

Author — Sampf


In one of my visits to Italy in the surroundings of Perugia, I ended on the top a hill following a small sign (handwritten) saying Ristoro dell'Antonia. My guess was a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and it was there in an olive yard. The ten tables outside on oneven terrain under the trees were of different makes. Some had garden chairs made of wood, some were made of plastic. One table was free. I sat down and asked for a Primitivo wine and the menu. 'A menu?' the obvious owner asked me. 'We do not have a menu, you eat what we found, shot or got this morning from the market.' So I waited enjoying the female chef who on an old stove prepared the food for the 30 guests. Smelling the beautiful scent of the air, the food, the wine, the warmth of the sun. After some 15 minutes I was given a pasta with fresh artichoke hearts. Perfection. Pure perfection. Al dente and the fresh artichokes with just the right bite. The main course a local fresh water fish, green beans, a soft lemon and garlic yellow cream sauce and just a hint of dill, thyme and yes, some curry. Somehow the ideal combination. Afterwards a semifreddo made from strawberries. I was flabbergasted when I wanted to pay. 14 € for a meal made in heaven including two royal glasses of wine and an amazing grappa, so soft as I never tasted before or afterwards. Home made grappa and mind you I am not a grappa fan by a long shot. I wanted to tip 6€ and the guy refused my money and asked me to go to the kitchen. There I saw this Rubens like Antonia and we kissed three the cheeks of course. We looked each other in the eyes and I held her in my arms. Then and there I wanted to marry her and live in Italy, sitting next to her while she was cooking and watching her all day and night. I have eaten in Michelin restaurants and expensive ones, but Antonia is the winner, because she cooks with her hear t and not by measuring food and trying to impress. I love her.

Author — Sander Van Hove


Chef: "You have to really have a good knife skill for this"

Executive Chef: 2:01

Author — S. Lemos


I love how the owner George isn’t micro managing everyone and trust everyone. He even takes order from others. That is a true leader

Author — Audi Driver