Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 / Klaus Mäkelä / Oslo Philharmonic

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Watch the Oslo Philharmonic with conductor Klaus Mäkelä perform Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in Oslo Concert Hall on 4th January 2019.

Lauren Fagan, soprano
Hanna Hipp, mezzo soprano
Tuomas Katajala, tenor
Shenyang, bass-baritone

Oslo Philharmonic Choir (conductor: Øystein Fevang)

Klaus Mäkelä will be Oslo Philharmonic's chief conductor from August 2020.

Sound production: NRK
Music Producer: Krzysztof Drab
Recording engineers: Elisabeth Sommernes and Marit Askeland

Video production: Trippel-M Levende Bilder

Colorist: Joachim Nilsen, Storyline
EIC: Even Øverby
Director: Patrick Bakkland Gjerde
AD: Kamilla Follevåg

Camera crew:
Øyvind Sandnes
Simen Bredesen
Anne Grethe Olavsdatter Vold
Aslak Woo Ravlum

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That feeling when you casually fall into a youtube recommendation spiral and wind up with your head in your hands weeping for the cruel beauty of the human condition

Author — Andrew Wiemken


Bravo!!! Such a captivating performance of the Beethoven 9. The video production quality is excellent too!

Author — HalcyonMusic / ハルシオン Anime Piano Covers


This lockdown has changed me a lot, I started to listen to classical music and it is making my mind pure and giving me a lot of energy

Author — Dvr Murthy


Klaus Makela is 24 years old...and conducting the Oslo Philharmonic...there's a bright future for him no doubt!

Author — Benji Pister


10/10 videography.
10/10 sound design.
10/10 conductor.
10/10 experience.

Author — Bartholomew Dan


A solid, coherent, and energetic performance of the 9th symphony with the Oslo Philharmonic, and in 4k! for free?! meanwhile the Berlin Philharmonic is charging 150 euros for a 12 month pass for their digital concert hall. And nearly half of their concert archive isn't even in true HD. What the Olso Philharmonic is doing here is what I call: doing art for art's sake.

Author — Douglas Kelly


00:00 Primeiro movimento
16:07 segundo movimento
30:20 Terçeiro movimento, este em especial, ADMIRÁVEL!
43:52 Quarto movimento

Author — César lima


He's the youngest old man I've ever seen

Author — Beau Nakamori


Every orchestra should hire that videographer

Author — Ilham Cahya


Quel splendide orchestre...quelle belle prestation. On est transporté au bout des notes de tous ces musiciens ! Et le chef... quelle maîtrise du haut de sa vingtaine d’année. Magnifique. Merci

Author — Marc Bruggemans


This performance has energy and is technically solid but what amazed me the most is how engaged the musicians are. This not your average orchestra with a bunch of stuck up old people who are just playing a concert. These musicians are engaged with the music and obviously care about their craft. This is refreshing to see and I hope to see the rest of the western art music world follow their lead.

Author — Bailey Yates


Felicidades... desde CDMX, amo la parte del Himno a la Alegria, mi familia y yo la cantamos siempre cada fin de año, para recibir el NUEVO encanto!! Que joven el director me encanta !!! Me emocione hasta las lagrimas, que privilegio escucharlo en vivo !

Author — Paola Garcia


Spectacular performance, rated number one by this 77 year old. Thanks to the videographer it's possible to see the complexity of the masterpiece and experience the passion in performance. Just an exceptional performance. Thanks for posting.

Author — Frank Brescher


That'll do, recommendation algorithm. That'll do.

Author — Warren Henning


Shostakovich is now conducting Beethoven symphonies. Nice.

Author — Takuto K


I just wish it would never end... Feeling like immersed in infinite beauty... Thank you very much!

Author — Daniel Garson Cabral


Professional musicians are so valuable. Long live the orchestra.

Author — hds3


Harry Potter conducting Beethoven. Well, that's what I thought when I saw this. He was only 23 in 2019. My favorite movement, the 3rd, is just perfect, and the timpani are miked fantastically. People forget that it was the only percussion instrument regularly used by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. I'm going to keep my eye on this kid.

I'm going to go out on limb and say that I've never heard a 9th better played, and the recording is amazing. This gives me hope for the world and for all young people.

Author — Gary Lloyd


The conductor literally looks like Shostakovich 😂😂 I couldn’t stop staring at his face lol

Author — Emily F


My favorite
I want to go to Oslo!

Author — steel slow