FAILS & BLOOPERS EN LA TV 🔴 Recopilación 2016

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Recopilación de fallidos graciosos captados en la tv mundial.

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0:07 at least it‘s the proof that she is singing live.

Author — pun 2132


0:02 "der Weg den ich oft in Gedanken geh geh geh"

Author — Cats are the best


Fun facts: you did not search for this

Author — Lee Suor


working as a reporter must be really hard not to laught xD

Author — Your Welcome


The sound I made when the guy filled off the bike was not human or hooman

Author — Trickshot twins


2:02 Well that's what happens when you wear a green dress, the same color as the green screen lol

Author — Kathryn Krider


3:48 when u have to fake your happiness:

Author — smiley mia


Who else rewound the first blooper, just to see her fall again?

Author — HideBehindMy Username


3:47 This is the proof the no matter what happens, we cant live without our mom and we love them so much <3

Author — Michelle Yvonne


5:06 most painful "ok" i ever heard

Author — Kakaowy Włamywacz


celebrity: falls

audience: *c l a p*

Author — Joe Mama


•are you gonna miss your mom
• *starts crying*

Author — Ninjahyper10486


2:33 Newsreporter: You dont want to be on the road.
People: *jumping and dancing on the road*

Author — xvenue


3:47 that one actually breaks my heart..to see him hiding his feelings💔😢

Author — Hannah 08


Lol that girl didn't even see the thing she drew

Author — Shar Kay


0:29 😱😱🤣🤣😂
3:35. 😆
4:21 ....I can't laugh anymore 😭🙉🙉🤣😂

Author — Hit Jo


3:25 i cracked up at the guys trying to hold their laugh

Author — Leo Reinhardt


1:01 i almost got in trouble in school for this

Author — Fawzi Garcia Thomas and friends