The Iraqi town where IS were driven out - BBC News

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The BBC's Orla Guerin reports from Qayyarah, Iraq, once under the rule of the so-called Islamic State. The militants were driven out of the town in just two days - but the battle for Mosul, Iraq's second city, is yet to come.

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Must kill all of them no mercy, no prison for IS . Don't waste food to feed a rat

Author — On My way


Thanks US for arming & creating isis

Author — Ezio Auditoure


they left and moved to germany and other parts of EU.

Author — Vik Verma


BBC, where are your report about WADA leak - US state sponsored doping?


Author — bbcnnstupimedia


Execute them all because they killed thousand if innocent people kill the all

Author — Armina Sangma


So called Islamic state? Why do u treat them as if they have no ideology

Author — Nikhil Seri


LOL BBC Another funder of ISIS two faced british government.. America/ISIS/NATO

Author — Joseph Flanagan


Tell us how many civilians were killed by the American backed forces no not a mention maybe hundreds

Author — benvw