BBC World Debate - Powering Development in the 21st century

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Powering development in the 21st century was the topic of a debate that aired on BBC World News television channel and also on BBC World Service radio on 16 and 17 July.

Filmed during the Vienna Energy Forum at the Hofburg Palace in June 2011, the debate features Srikumar Banerjee, Secretary of Department of Atomic Energy, India; Elizabeth Dipuo Peters, Minister of Energy, South Africa; Peter Droege, President of Eurosolar, Germany; and Kandeh K. Yumkella, Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The debate is moderated by BBC World News presenter Zeinab Badawi.

The 2011 Vienna Energy Forum, organized by UNIDO, the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), brought together more than 1,200 participants from 125 countries including heads of state, policy-makers, experts, civil society and the private sector. A total of 99 key speakers from 45 different countries facilitated the discussion on how to overcome energy poverty and how to move from declarations of intention to tangible action on the ground.

Participants at the Vienna Energy Forum called for bold steps and strategic public-private partnerships to guarantee universal energy access by 2030, including by expanding the use of renewable energy sources.

The World Debate is a monthly programme on the BBC World News channel which aims to convene panels that engage in a robust exchange of views.

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I come here just for learning english.

Author — mandeep Singh


Not here to learn about energy🤗..but watching this reminds of my homeland where blackout is already a routine😜..

Author — khel mhe


Hits and likes who come here to learn English

Author — love infinity ya lo pondré


listening such debates is best way to improve communication skills

Author — Sharnveer Kaur


Long lives with good health. God blesses and cares on all of us.

Author — Tasneem Khan


Listening such debates is best way toh improve communication skills

Author — Hamna Nazer


My only goal of joining you is to learn and make perfect my English.

Author — Ernest Ndayikeza


i come here just for learning English, thank U

Author — rachana chhoun


the topic of debate BBc world 21st century

Author — Syaiful Ramadhan


Well this aged well didn’t it? Double the number of reactors by 2025. Knock me over with a feather.

There was one panelist who knew energy economics and three taking complete bullshit. “Baseload” is a generation limitation not a demand requirement. Demand fluctuates and baseload cannot ramp to accomodate it. But the economics are clear today. Nuclear cannot exist in competition with renewables and storage. It’s a sunset industry.

The Indian gentleman was the biggest liar of the night. “One million times more energy” was a nonsense statement.

How’s that CCS modification for your coal power stations going South Africa. And who’s using that coal power? Industrial giants or poor townships that are better served with micro grid renewables and storage at much lower price.

“Not make it (renewables) cheaper”. My god nuclear is getting more expensive by the year and renewables falling in cost for decades and still falling. Now cheaper than all new FF joule per joule. Even firmed with storage and gas it’s cheaper most places I t he world. Equity is not about technology about PV makes equity much cheaper and easier to do.

Author — Alastair Leith


I am listen ever day BBC world service because it is my favourite service so I specially like

Author — Nasarullah jamali


Great Debate
Thanks To Our Future President Of Sierra Leone Dr Yumkella

Author — Jimmy Bangs Jr


This is the worst moderated interview I have seen in a long time.

Author — Dan Tatar


Thank you so much inspired, here and there, thank you so much once again, indeed .

Author — Awdaly Saleh


I simply hated it when the host interrupted and kept constantly misinterpreting and turning others' opinions into ridiculous conclusions. Like " Between my family and work, I think work is my current priority"  "I see, so you think you shouldn't  care about your wife and child at all"  
I can't believe this is happening on a BBC program. 

Author — Albert C


I enjoyed the debate. The world we live in is overrun by thecnology and this technology depends on a powerful energy. For us to get that energy we need to have nuclear industries. The nuclear industries have two side. Zone side which is positive and the other one negative. But what I noticed from the video none of the debaters emphasize the negative side of the nuclear power.

Author — Ourymbarry barry


It's best debate to improve our skills 😉💪

Author — Pravin Jain


Think this David Lowe’s theme music alone with the same bbc news title designers again.

Author — Jack Sugden


It is too good way in order to improve our listening skills

Author — Нумон Соибов


Such a healthy debate... broadcast such debates more and more across YouTube

Author — sanket narode