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This cop pulled his gun on a student who was picking up trash in front of his dorm.

Zayd Atkinson, a student at Naropa University, was confronted by an officer while picking up trash for his work-study job outside of his dorm. The officer did not have reasonable suspicion that a crime was occurring and was not entitled to demand Atkinson's date of birth, according to an independent review by a former U.S. Attorney.

Research shows Black people are often exposed to heightened scrutiny and suspicion, which can begin early in childhood. 54% of Black Americans say they felt others 'have been suspicious of them because of the color of their skin,' compared to 6% of white Americans.

Several officers, some with guns drawn, surrounded Atkinson. A college faculty member later appeared to back up Atkinson. The police officers never asked the faculty member, a white man, to confirm his identity or prove that he worked for the college.

After almost 15 minutes, the officer gave Atkinson back his ID and left. The officer resigned two weeks after the incident but will remain on the city payroll until February 2020. An internal investigation found the officer violated 2 department policies but did not conclude he was racially biased.

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💬 Comments on the video

Officer: “That is a weapon!”
Student: “It’s for picking up trash!”

*Perhaps the officer was literal garbage*

Author — LegendShadowsZz


I glad that man stood his ground and now that officers don’t have a job. That exofficer is a joke

Author — Casper Audi


“I don’t have a weapon!”
“That is a weapon”
“ThIs iS a BuCkEt”

Author — Rick Morton


this dude is just dealing with trash, hes also picking up garbage

Author — ItchyPit


This guy is an absolute hero for standing up for himself. He stood up for his rights despite someone pointing a gun at him! Someone give this guy a medal!!!

Author — Ben Robinson


“Excuse me sir do you live here?”
“Yeah, I’m a student here and I’m just picking up trash”
“Okay sir sorry to bother you”
“It’s alright”
*The End*

Author — Tasha Smith-Bonnar


The officer sounded so dumb when he said “Im threatened”

Author — That Dude


Who breaks into someone’s property to clean up trash

Author — Thomas Panks


I think this police officer is against the world’s wellbeing.

Author — Makayla captain nugget of the nugget club


Person: *has a bucket and trash pike*
Officer: now this is an avenger’s level threat

Author — Matt Racz


If you’re scared of a man picking up trash you shouldn’t be a cop.

Author — Alan SD


why didn’t they ask the “white man” for proof of identification that he owns the property?

Author — Amad Alsaidi


It's actually disgraceful that cops are using their power for this purpose.

Author — Samuel


This policeman should be thrown into that bucket, cos he actually is a trash

Author — mad21a1


Black baby: literally just gets born
Police officers:

Author — Alen Zhang


it was dangerous because the officer is literally trash

Author — Kewlkid jeff


That policeman is a absolute wanker. He probably got bullied in school

Author — Tommy Palace


“Can you talk to him to calm him now”

Bruh you’re the only person that needs to calm down, really going to arrest somebody who is picking up trash.

Author — August Heart


One doing a important Job, and the other wasting tax money while being racist.

Author — jussef saki


Officer: “so we’ve decided that we’re gonna end things at this point.”

Student: “oh wow...what a surprise”

Author — Caleb John