Latest on the coronavirus in China and across the world

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中신종코로나 사망 630명•확진 3만1천명 넘어

Alarming numbers out of China overnight.
Its death toll from the novel coronavirus hit 6-hundred-36 as of this morning.
And more than 40 confirmed cases from the virus-hit cruise ship docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama.
Park Hee-jun has the latest. The death toll in China from the novel coronavirus is now at 636,... with the total number of confirmed cases standing at more than 31-thousand.
China's National Health Commission revealed the latest figures early Friday, with
73 deaths and more than 3-thousand additional cases occuring in a single day.
In Hubei Province alone,... there have been 618 deaths and over 22-thousand confirmed cases.
That's an increase of 69 deaths and 2-thousand-400 cases in one day.
The provincial health authority says more than 15-thousand patients remain in hospital, with 840 in critical condition.
Among those who have died from the illness is Li Wenliang,... one of the first doctors to have warned about the coronavirus.
Wuhan Central Hospital said in a statement that he died early Friday.
The 34-year-old had warned the public back in December of a "SARS-like" disease,... although the Chinese government accused him of "making false comments."
Two newborn babies in Wuhan are also known to have been infected.
In other parts of the world...
The virus has killed just two people outside the Chinese mainland one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines.
Japan has reported the highest number of confirmed cases with 45,... followed by Singapore, Thailand and South Korea.
More cases are also coming in from the cruise ship docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama,... put under mandatory quarantine after ten passengers were confirmed to have the virus.
41 more passengers on board tested positive 21 of them Japanese.
That brings the total on the ship to 61.
There are 3-thousand-7-hundred passengers and crew members stuck onboard and the number of cases there is expected to rise as virus tests continue.
Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.

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I hope the Chinese learn their lesson of not eating just anything that moves.

Author — You Tube


if 2 people can infect 40 people in a cruise ship, imagine the infected in Wuhan !!! 20, 000 infected this number looks like 0 missing numbers.

Author — Nagendra Prasad BK


The virus is probably spreading throughout the ship so quickly the rooms are so close together

Author — nobodyrobsourtrucks


Does it bother anyone she sounds nothing like how she looks

Author — Jay


they hidding real numbers . real death numbers are more than 10k+

Author — my devj


636 More like FOR COVER!!How does a young healthy 34year old medic succumb??? It is telling of a cover up.

Author — Thomas


Why aren't people wearing surgical gloves as well as masks ?

Author — Bella Vida


Chinese Government: Stay at home and don't panic
Also them: (let 5 million people leave Wuhan)

Author — CaptainUJJWAL


Y'all should not bring ur troubles here in Africa, we have dealt with Ebola and thats it

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death tolls vary! but still raising up! how about the recovering ones for the good news? 😚😚😚

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This is just like rabies, , seems like to me🥺OMG..I've been depressed

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meanwhile us Colombians:
*hundreds of memes about coronavirus*

Author — jay frost


I don't know why there's no case Corona virus in Indonesia so far...I just wondering why

Author — jason wajong


This is crazy!! I feel sooo bad for the ppl that are dying and feel soo bad for China

Author — Jordan Fidler



Author — ForPETES sake


Taiwan should not be excluded from WHO. Health issues don’t stop at border. Taiwan’s role is important to global health. Health for all, Taiwan can help!!!

Author — 哈哈哈哈哈哈


I am live USA get sickness covid -19 from China

Author — Chamary stigers


The netherlands is Not on the list👀
But it Will be👀

Author — Lance Dekker


i had chinese food yesterday, strengthen my immunitys :)

Author — Wildboy789789


0:50 why is Taiwan included with China?

Author — Xitler 维尼大帝