Daily Bihar today news of all bihar districts video in Hindi.Get latest news of Gaya,patna.

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Latest Daily Bihar today news from Bihar districts in Hindi i.e. 24th November 2019:-
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1. The rapid use of Reliance Jio in Bihar
2. Strict instructions to all government employees on Constitution Day
3. Government will pay the loss due to flood
4. Nalanda Parliament calls for expansion of #DanapurExpress
5. Brakes on movement of heavy vehicles on #JPSetu bridge
Recently, the movement of heavy vehicles was started on Gandhi Setu Bridge. Due to which the pressure on the bridge started increasing. Seeing the increasing pressure on the bridge, the Road Construction Department has opposed the decision taken for the government. At the same time, the movement of heavy vehicles on bridges has been banned.
6. Bihar daughter created history
7. Another record entered in Kohli name
Indian captain #ViratKohli is one of the few players who have recorded many records by playing fewer innings. Now another achievement has made it to Virat's record list. Recently, in the day and night Test match played between India Bangladesh, Virat became the first Indian player to score 5000 runs in the lowest innings as soon as he scored 32nd on the first day. He did this in 86th innings. Earlier this record was in the name of Australia captain Ricky Ponting.
9. The IAS of Bihar who completed the climb of Mount Everest
10. By March next year, about 90 thousand workers will be assigned employment letters
11. Rajgir residents will enjoy #Rajgirfestival in pink winter
12. Came to Bihar and did not eat litti chokha
Litti Chokha has a different place in UP-Bihar. #LittiChokha craze is such that in Bhojpuri many songs have also been made with Litti Chokha. Regardless of the food, the taste and taste of Litti is different.Litti Chokhe's Dhoom is also in the country as well as abroad. When Mandy Moor, who recently visited India, reached Patna, she tasted Litti Cholhe. After which he wrote from his Twitter handle that I am taking stock of the funniest Bihari dish Litti Chokhe.

13. There are problems in implementing Mega Food Park project in Bihar
14. Rice sent from Bihar to be cooked in Sita kitchen
15. Overnight, BJP overturns Maharashtra's fortunes
16. Now let's move towards the news of the season
17. To visit #Shekhpura of Bihar, do not forget to visit these places
Today, in this segment, we are going to tell about the tourist places of Shekhpura for those who want to spend less money. People visiting Shekhpura should not forget to visit these famous places. Shri Vishnu Dham Barabigha, Sheikhpura, Arghhoti Pokhar, Girhinda Pahar, Samas, Tripurai Temple, Sheikh Shoaib Dargah must go for a walk. Passengers traveling from Patna to Rohtas will have to travel for 2 to 3 hours while passengers traveling by train will have to travel for 5 to 6 hours. The distance from Patna to Rohtas By Road is 117.7 km from NH31.

18. Now let us know what were the prices of bullion market and petrol diesel
19. Now let us know about the famous personality of Bihar
Today in this segment we will talk about #RichaSoni. Richa Soni is originally from Bihar. Richa was born in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. Richa Soni also did her early studies from Bihar. After which Richa moved to Mumbai to pursue her career. Where after a lot of struggle, Richa got a chance to work in a prank serial. Which did not give Richa some special popularity. After that, Richa got an opportunity to work in Saubhagyavati Bhavah, in which she played Bindiya's role. After this role, people were engaged in life to Richa Soni. Not only has Richa worked as an actor in many other cereals as well.

20. Bihar Police csbc central selection board constable vacancies

21. #KhesariLalYadav journey ended in Bigg Boss
22. Giriraj Singh statement on the political turmoil in Maharashtra
23. Sushil Modi comparing Nitish R. Sharad Pawar
24.#CAT exam today
25. Open training school for soldier drivers in Bihar
26. Linking religion to education is not right - Sushil Modi
27. Out of Bihar, Japan will now show its karate technique

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बिहार में मैथ, साइंस, अँग्रेजी और आर्ट्स के बच्चे बहुत तेज होते है।और बिहार के लोग बहुत मेहनत करते हैं ।इसलिए बिहार के लोग आइपीएस बनते है।

Author — Kajal Kumari


आदरणीय मैडम जी
बहुत दुख के साथ आपको सूचित किया जाता है कि मै ऋषिकेश कुमार पश्मिचंपरण का निवासी हूं
हमने आरआरसी पटना यानी रेलवे group d ki sari प्रक्रिया पूरा करके ज्वाइनिंग का इंतजार करे रहे है
आपसे कहने का मतलब है कि इसमें सदस्यों की संख्या 130 है लेकिन सबसे कॉन्टेक्ट नहीं हो पा रहा है
Plz es ko thoda high light Kare Taki sabse contact ho jay aur hamlog mil ke kuchh nirday Kare
ऋषिकेश कुमार

Author — RISHIKESH Kumar


हमारे बिहारी मेना एक कहावत है नोकरी करेंगे तो सरकारी नहीं तो तो उससे अच्छा बेचेंगे तरकारी

Author — Pintu Kumar


क्योंकि बिहार के students बहुत ही मेहनती, लगनशील, कर्मठ, एवं तेज होता है

Author — Best clip plants


Because all confidante is very hard and believe own .

Author — md imran


First upon i would like to thanks BIHARI NEWS Team, I am very happy that you announced my name.
Now today's question is also very interesting, so i hope that you will be satisfied with my answer..
These are the some following points because of many Biharian wants to become an IAS/IPS..
1)In bihar there is huge courage to become a civil servents, because of many parents want their child to become an IAS or IPS.
2)We Biharian are very laborious and inspired by many bureaucrats so they also wants to become like that..
3)In bihar generally people are inclined to government jobs, and IAS/IPS is one of the best career in which they gets opportunity to serve the people..
4)Many students wants to prove themselves that they are no more different from others, even they do hard work, become an IAS/IPS..
5)It has been seen that some of students who get selection in Civil service and become an IAS or IPS, faced criticism by society and facing poverty or sometimes their parents got assaulted by any landlord or rich people, so they decided to become an IAS or IPS..
6)There are some students who gets engrossed by perks and power of civil servants, and decide to become an IAS or IPS..
But I don't think this is the only reason that any one can become an IAS/IPS.. There must be some valid reasons that keep you motivated when you feel depressed and decide to quit preparation..
But there are some people who are preparing for this exam and after giving 4/5 attempts they get selected...

So thank you once again BIHARI NEWS Team.. 😊☺️

Author — Ashish Kumar


बिहार में मैथ साइंस आर्ट्स और आर्ट्स बच्चे बहुत तेज होते हैं इसलिए बिहार से ज्यादा से ज्यादा आईएएस आईपीएस ज्यादा निकलते हैं

Author — chandan nayak



Author — Najre Alam


बिहार के लोग मेहनती जुनुन और जिद्दी दार होता है! जो ठान लेता है वह पुरा करके छोड़ता है! ( इस लिये कहा गया है की एक बिहारी सो पे भारी होता है)

Author — SINTU KUMAR sagar


मैडम जी सारे समाचार शहर की देते हो थोड़ा गांव के भी दे दो

Author — shyam mukhiya


क्योंकि बिहार के student को सबसे ज्यादा मैथ में तेज है इसलिए

Author — JK Study Center


Bihar me student ke liye government part time job koi hai toh bataaye

Author — Arman Khan