Past And Present Technology Then And Now

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From phones to computers, calculators and the television, lets take a look at the history of technology in the past and how it compares to tech today.

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Look on what she’s doing.

Literally nothing...

Author — Alan Gao


Think you forgot to mention today's sponsor; Apple.

Author — chrissscottt


I feel like i'm watching an apple commercial

Author — Nalhoe San


The whole video:
That tiny thing you see everywhere used to be this big

Author — Rashed125


Apple has been requiring people to buy accessories since their first computer.

Author — Seal Or No Deal


150 years later: back in the 2020s, a supercomputer used to occupy two tennis courts that operate at exaflops and costing $300 million, but now, we have implantable cheap neural computer devices that as small as a neuron can operate at 500 yottaflops and only cost $30.

Author — KingPatty


I think they forgot about Samsung having a 108mp camera in their latest phone, and even being able to cram a stylus into their phones, as well as making iconic foldable phones. 😓😡

Author — Filip Nicola


My PC still have the floppy disk slot...

Even a magnet can destroy the data inside a floppy disk

Author — Xenomorph 9/11


People complain about smartphone prices now but imagine droppin 10k for a 20 minute call time giant bulky phone... it’s crazy how far we’ve come

Author — Sam Steffler


1:04 "weigh _over_ a tonne"

*Shows 971kg*
1 tonne = 1000kg

Author — GDX Gaming 404


Man it feel good to look at the past and to see how far we’ve come 😊

Author — Mene The mene


The first mobile had a battery talk time of 30 minutes? That's more than my I-Phone!

Author — Ginger Scholes


8:11 I think that’s the capacity not storage for the Mac

Author — Woodentripod32


7:48 Does anyone know the backstory to the creepy pricing of this weird old computer? Was it built with witchcraft? 😮🙃

Author — Riceracm


8:40 Wow! That might even be able to run minecraft.

Author — Basement Hobo


10:18 cant store a photo but at least bloatware called facebook and tons of other apps xD

Author — Eric Cartman


imagine their shock when they see a small usb drive with 1 terrabyte capacity XD

Author — Zerebrat Eightyseven


8:35 Floating Point Operations Per Second....

Author — Larry Keller


I thought Alan Turing designed the first stored-program computer? I think crediting Babbage is like crediting Leonardo Da Vinci with inventing the helicopter...

Author — Gareth Pendlebury


8:11 Wrong. I think you're refering to the memory capacity, not storage. 😏

Author — EyesOfByes