Trump's Dumb 'Hall Of Presidents' Request

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Another White House insider wrote a tell-all book, this one detailing what Donald Trump wanted his robotic likeness to say in the Hall of Presidents.

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two years later and I still can not fully grasp how this crook and imbecile has been elected 'President'.

Author — Benzaiten


Wow! I'm so excited. Our president may get to go to Mars. Please make it a one way trip. And make it happen soon!

Author — jz


I think we need a Constitutional Amendment to abolish the electoral college and establish election by popular vote. And a mental competency requirement to be allowed to vote.

Author — Jon Obester


Great Idea to sent Trump to Mars, where can I donate

Author — Bernie Com


Trump's running America like he runs his businesses: Into the ground.

Author — Dale Buxton


So the Orange Embarrassment wanted NASA to drop everything to focus on getting to Mars during his first term. The malignant narcissist makes me ill. Just more proof that the wall is simply another monument to his ego.

Author — Topher S


They should just use the recordings from his doll. The best line is "The buck starts here." Yep. He really said it. He was proud of it -- a clever play on words, he thought, having no idea what the context of the words on which he was playing was, unfamiliar with the concept, but not the practice, of #PassingtheBuck.

Author — Alison McMahon


Anyone else want to point out that Trump ISN'T the space station's president? It is called the INTERNATIONAL Space Station for a reason.

Author — Michael Ramon


Um, yes, well, now I'm even more humiliated to have him as POTUS.

Author — Lauri C


"But is there any way we could do it by the end of my first term?"

Surely you can't still be deluded enough to think that you'll get a second term?

Author — ColdCanuck50


If they tax porn at least that is one way for the Republicans to pay for the wall themselves.

Author — Peter Paul Chato


Thank you so much Colbert show. You guys are true American heroes in our time of need. I thoroughly appreciate y’all.

Author — DamnItHeadJedi


At this point.... its hard to tell what the show’s writers came up with and what actually happened!!😂🤣🤯

Author — Bareno


Disney should get a clip of Trump saying, "Mexico will pay for it!" in an endless loop to a laugh track.

Author — dave williams


I got a better one. Make an animatronic trump yelling "BUILD THAT WALL!" and another animatronic of Nancy Pelosi calmy saying: "no."

Author — kabukiwookie


What world are we even living in anymore

Author — Courtney Fleischman


It's just like with the wall, Trump is purely obsessed with building monuments to himself.
What's he gonna try next? A pyramid?

Author — William Bell


Let's all chip in and send this president on a one-way ticket to space during his presidency!

Author — Needing Less


NASA You fool you should have just said yes and taken the funding, he’d have forgotten about it next week

Author — BrokenSky


“Space Station...This is your President.”
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I needed a good laugh.

Author — emayaych