Kazakhstan: Dozens Arrested in Anti-Government Protests

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Authorities in Kazakhstan detained at least 57 protesters, Saturday, September 21, including teenagers and the elderly, who were taking part in unsanctioned rallies organized by an opposition movement banned by the government.
Videos posted on social media suggested the turnout was small, perhaps a few hundred demonstrators, and police vastly outnumbered those who took part in the rally.
Arrests appeared to be indiscriminate. (AP)

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Keep in mind that Kazakhstan was the Soviet Union test ground for Nuclear Weapons

Author — Mike Carone


Leave Kazakhstan ALONE!

First and last warning Russian Citizens!
Don't let MeAStar Putin control your countries future!

Author — Almost Free


Mochco basi soter pothe thakun
Soto badider sathe to biso zogter
Palon korta achen .

Author — mujammel Ahmed 777


What is happening in this video what are they doing

Author — Jonathan Servant To God & Follower to Jesus


Мына солдатар полиция қытай келсе шал табанын жала десе бұйрығын орындайды ғой.Қазақпын ар-намысым бар ғой деп айтпаңдар халық жаулары.

Author — жука бердиева


Democrats are screaming loudly about this violation of unalienable rights. Nevermind. They don't believe in unalienable rights, either.

Author — Wayne Gerald


How dare they separate these families! Call a lawhore now!

Author — ctwatcher


Very nice. So Borat was right. The way you become president is to see who can hold women against their will for the longest.

Author — sai76


See people complain about Trump, but this is real repression.

Author — Shy M


This is why they need our guns first. Shall not be infringed!

Author — Hannibal Smith


Lol, is the CIA destabilizing China’s neighbors? I think so. Funny America is now somehow made aware of Central Asia as China develop the Belt and road. America you’re so transparent. Most Americans are ignoramuses so it’s easy to fool them

Author — Deathless