Iran launches more than a dozen missiles at US military, coalition forces in Iraq | Nightline

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Old men sit in their comfortable homes and declare war.
Young people have to bleed and die

Author — Doctor Brain


The earth is dying and war would only make it worse

Author — Franklin Segovia


People: 2020 will be the best year.
1st January: Australia is on fire
2nd January: possibility of war with Iran.

Author — Kapow Gaming


There’s a lot of good Iranians who don’t want this war anymore than most of us. Peace and love to both sides!!

Author — Robert Merrifield


So many people fighting each other and talking about bombing each other..this is how y'all start the year ?

Author — ninetails625


this is how 2020 is starting... let’s see how YouTube 2020 rewind will turn out

Author — Loh Norman


I’m so scared 😭 This is really how these people wanna start off a new decade!?

Author — Leah’s Life


Why don’t trump draft his goddamn self

Author — Shakez Carter


All the memes and shit aside, this is worrying me. And no not the "dRaFt" but just...war.

Author — Pete


Why can't we ship very human that is evil or angry, corrupt to their own plant and have them dual each other.

Author — Kelli Lynch


Why does every foreign affairs correspondent have the same rugged coat

Author — sinead oduffy


World War III is starting. Pray for peace please! 🙏🏻

Author — ItzStacieazaza


Iran: *sends missles*

America: I see you I got a surprise for you

Iran: hm

American troop: you better back off before we knock yo country off the map

Author — Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear


I’m at the bottom of Australia and I’m gonna stay here I ain’t gonna want to get in any of that war/fights/booms bc I would rather fight for my land WITH people then fighting for my land AGAINST people, and what makes me even more mad is the fact that it’s the start of a new decade/year and this is how we act out:
Fires, volcano eruptions, wars, hate, death, attacks, etc
It’s disgusting and I feel bad for everyone that has to follow the fucked up president’s/ governments/ leaders commands just bc they are the boss and we have no control over it all

Author — Anna Mcc


We humans always regret at the END When : Many people died, when children crying for dead family member .

Author — GAMEOVER.


Trust me if everyone smoke some good weed all war will end.

Author — Raja Muhammad Afiq Raja Nazirin Shah


This guys still alive. They dressed someone in clothes just like him hes still alive.

Author — VioletLove 333


Mr beast: Who ever last survives the WW3 wins $10, 000, 000

Author — Jason Kruger


One question but this is bugging me,

Why did the war started??

Author — Arnold Camerino


" War is a game that can be played with a smile on a face, but there won’t be any laughter in a heart."

Author — Darken