Veteran told he can't work out in Trump shirt at Missouri gym

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Missouri gym owner told Army vet he could not wear his Trump 2016 campaign shirt; Raymond Arroyo breaks down his 'Friday Follies' for 'The Ingraham Angle.'

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Cancel membership, find a new gym.
The end.

Author — Aaab Aaab


Sounds like a violation of his civil rights to me

Author — RICK NICK


In Missouri?! What has this country come to?

Author — JJoe


i would have cancelled my membership right there on the spot

Author — stephan diehl


I bet she wouldn't say anything if it was a Black Lives Matter t-shirt

Author — joke ster


This type of bigotry is just ridiculous.
How does anyone feel unsafe by a tee shirt?
Geez..how weak are Democrats.

Author — Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ


The left is so inclusive ....as long you think the Same way they do

Author — Dorian Shades of gray


I remember when Obama was president in the black neighborhoods, all you saw where Obama for president hats And T-shirts. But feminized liberals only want freedom for themselves And want to intimidate everyone else from expressing their mind

Author — Donza Thompson


So the owner is a woman. That figures.

Author — Mike Battler


Biggest crybabies i've ever seen in my life. George Washington is rolling in his grave. As a Veteran I am embarrassed now of what our Country has become. People need to get it together. We have seriously become land of the divided. No united about it whatsoever. So ashamed and completely dumbfounded at where we are in this country.

Author — Steve William


That's okay, we don't tow vehicles with Democratic stuff on it!

Author — GaminTrucker 101


The conservatives need to make a stand

Author — Jeremy Bryson


Just keep going back wearing the Trump shirt.

Author — Son of Thors


I would wear the shirt, if it was offensive, good. The more I offended, the better it would be.

Author — kelly vosburg


Boycott this gym ! Demonrats don't work out !

Author — Frank


Are you an NPC?
Symptoms may include lack of humor or inability to understand jokes, or sarcasm. Aversion to facts. Tendencies for race baiting, censorship and strong urges for open borders in the hopes a new slave class will immigrate themselves to the plantation.
Liberalism currently has no cure. But we are working hard to find one.
 Liberalism has been know to lead to other serious mental health risk such as...
Trump and Russia derangement syndrome.
If Trump shirts or Maga hats trigger you.
You may be infected with "TARDS"
If you or anyone you know are experiencing symptoms please feel free to STFU!
~This has been a public service announcement ~

Author — Big TRAV


This is bull! We have the right to wear what we want due to the first amendment. No one can take this right from us and who ever tries as some nerve. MAGA!!

Author — Cynthia Hoffman


No one can tell me what I can and can Not wear. MAGA

Author — Truth is the new hate speech


Useful idiots parroting the "but it's a private business" nonsense incoming in ...3..2..1.

Author — Defend Liberty


Owner wants "everyone to feel safe and comfortable" except Trump supporters. Double standard.

Author — W Reynoso