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In today's top news stories, the very first is an increase in Coronavirus positive cases. The number has gone up to 145. Maximum number of cases have been registered from Maharashtra. 41 patients are from Maharashtra alone. On the other hand, another case has come forth from Noida. The patient had returned from Indonesia trip. The government also confirmed that 276 Indians have been infected by coronavirus abroad, with most of them in Iran where over 17,000 people have tested positive and above 1,100 died due to the pandemic.
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Misleading news. Look at YouTube videos of Italy to understand what is coming to India. I hate Indian paid media.

Author — A S Teer


In Gujarat and Punjab, the numbers doesn't make sense. plS DO MORE TESTING STATES TO SAVE YOUR PEOPLE.

Author — Jaoun Ruohn


why don't u do a swab test on airport itself?? even if report takes 24 hrs in india ( instead of d rest of d world getting it in 4 hrs), you have a 1 day window to reach that person and keep them in quarantine. doing a swab test at airport is better than doing it across d nation. stupid and idiotic authorities who r responsible for this but still not taking any action

Author — Mia


*आफिस बन्द, मैच बन्द, बाहर घूमना बन्द, * *सब घर मे ही कैद*
*देखना जितने मरेंगे नही उससे ज्यादा पैदा करवाएगा ये कारोना*

Author — Electrical Cool point


kasmir ko lockdown krny walo
Allah pak ne sbko lockdown kr

Author — Time Pass


ये बड़ा अद्भुत, अकल्पनीय और अविश्वसनीय है कि सारी दुनिया ही लाक डाउन होने जा रही है। पहली बार दुनिया के इतिहास में ऐसा हो रहा है, जिस पर आसानी से भरोसा किया जा सके।

Author — Meena Shekhar


Virus esp corona /flu doesnot survive above 56celcius . Hair blow dryer twice a day will protect as well as stop
the spread. Blow hairdryer twice a day towards throat and nose for 3 minutes . It worked for me . I am 70 yrs old with diabetes etc. if I can be OK in few days so can you!!

Author — peter123


If any help required take corona helpline nos.

Author — Somnath Chakrabarti


Its all fake, they are hiding the actual numbers

Author — Knowurself


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Author — Jonathan Grabban


That background music is more scarier than coronavirus mannnn

Author — DońTe Chan


করুণা বন্দ করতে সবাকে মাছ মাংস খাওয়া বন্ধ করতে হবে যতো পরো দেশী গরুর দুধ গোমূত্র খাও



I think we need to shutdown the country by all for at least 20 days.... no inflow and outflow of people .... I know it’s severe step. But no other remedy for this .... if we hesitate to do this thinking on economy, we will have pay more for this ...

Author — premprajutube


घर में गंगा या अल्लाह किसी की आरती करो कोई मना नहीं मिडियोवालों आप सरकार को जागरूक करो विदेशों से आने वालों को खेतों में रहने की व्यवस्था करवाएँ

Author — Suresh Bishnoi


Well 145 cases you must multiply with 7 or 9.. În 24 hours.. Thaaa

Author — Marcus Filimon


The. Background. Music. is. More. Scarier. That. Coronavirus

Author — Anup Kr


I can't believe the number in India is less than 200...

Author — Q xiaoxiao


एक समय था जब लोग कहते थे कि मुसलमान अपना चेहरा छिपाते हैं, लेकिन आज के समय में सभी देशों के लोग अपना चेहरा छिपा रहे हैं।

Author — Ramesh Markam


I hope that each and every person from now on wears MASK...this has all happened because someone thought "It will not affect me."

Author — Happy Voyage


Allah Tallah hum sab ko is virus se mehfooz rakhe Ameen

Author — Farzana Farooq