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The Vikram lander is now in very critical phase on the moon's south pole. the night is very near on the moon, the isro team has only a few days to establish the connection between the lander and the ground station. the NASA also wants to help the isro in this situation because NASA is going to the moon in the near future. the moon mission of NASA is going to be the manned moon mission on the south pole of the moon. isro is trying to communicate with the chandrayaan 2 lander. let's see what happened to the lander and what will be the future of the India's Moon Lander.
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Vikram lander
chandrayaan 2 mission update
vikram lander news
isro latest news

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good video.
full moon is coming on 14th so recontact chances are high. thanks shashi brother

Author — Tarun agarwal


Har har Mahadev Lander Vikram ko Cold se bachaye rakhna and please wake-up our Country's Lander Vikram :)

Author — Abhishek Sharma


I think within next 2days we will make contact with the vikram, or he may send some info...

Author — Amar Rananavare


Bhai please reply i have a question kya vikran ke hard landing ya failed landing ke baad mangalyaan 2 me lander hoga please reply

Author — Question mania


History se related video banao or ho sake to science or religion ke comparison me bhi video banao bro.

Author — Virender Singh


Eh saley banay moon de je kartoot nahi c hagi eda vada kam karn de fir keo behan pech kiti ehna ena jyada kharcha karta aa modi di behan di lun marya eh sali chaa vechni kom v sali bani looner di

Author — Apna homeland


Bro u have incomplete information .. Complete your research.. Plz... I like your videos so plz..



Thanks again lander sampark me aaye to suchit kare please

Author — Mrinal Das


Let's hope for the best and pray for the reconnection of signal

Author — Animesh Singh


va vikram lender va nice dunia ko bchane ke lie chandr ma tak jane ke lie apni jaan hamare lie😢😭😭🤧🤧🤧😦😦😦😦kiu jate hoo

Author — Ravinder Kaur


VIKRAM in my pray now days . . Insha allah v will get success and win this mission

Author — Fayyaz Tahwildar


Dear, what authority do you have to make such statements?

Do not mislead people.

Author — Manish Nandaniya


Bhai i am so sad when that happen i watched the live on yr channel launching of chandrayaan 2 that time i was thinking this mission will be 100% successful but unfortunatley that gave me shock but i will pray isro will reconnect the communication between vikram lander love you you keep me up to date

Author — I'm Laksh


Nasa comments



Bhai please ab vikram lander ki news mat dikhao.! 😭 thak gaya hoon is ummid se ki connect hoga.! Bhai contect hone wala hota to kab ka ho chuka hota.! 😭. Vikram 2.1 K.m uper se gira hain to koi machine kam nahi karegi.! Ek apartment ke uper se giri machine kam nahi karti to vikram to 2.1 K.m uper se gira hain.! So please khabar mat dikhao bahot dukh hota hain.!

Author — manoj ghodadra


isro agar nasa ki help le to acha hoga kyunki abhi tk sampark nhi mil paya h and nasa iska solution nikal sakta h and help bui kr sakta h

Author — Zuber Raza Khan


Thankyou bhai itni information dene me liye



शशी भाई हम सभी की शुभकामनायें विक्रम लैंडर और इसरो के साथ हैं यह मिशन ज़रूर पूरा होगा hope for the best
जय हिन्द

Author — Anoop Chaubey


संभाजी जिंदा पकडा गया उसको कोन‌ बघायचे गा

Author — Wamanrao Walujkar