Finally Testing ALL of Our BURNOUT MACHINES!!! Freedom Takes Over... It Was AWESOME!

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So much talk of “James and JH are gunna really battle it out” let’s be honest here Coop is gunna destroy them both

Author — TheIronGiant


I can't even begin to explain how much these videos help me through my chemotherapy! Thanks Garrett, keep it up!

Author — whosDori


With the captions on YouTube translates the burnouts as “Music”

Me: About time you got somethin right YouTube.

Author — Chris A


Was nice hearing Leroy feel like haven’t scene or heard from him in a while lol

Author — Jason Popovich


Ol' Cleet displaying what he learnt at Burnoutology school in Australia.

Author — James G


James is gonna win because he’s joe dirt and Ricky Bobby put together

Author — MrAnjel805


Coop doesn’t show it but he’s having the most fun of everyone!!! Full send with the mystery machine.

Author — Troy31


James' truck sounds like a Nascar ripping down the track - I love it.

Author — 0509kj


remember when coop couldn't even do a burnout in the ctsv1 now he's out there shredding 🤣🤣🤣

Author — alphonsevallery


Cleetus and crew:
Thank you for bringing smiles to both my and my daughters faces. Seriously, it is so much fun watching your content and it's getting my girls interested in cars. You have something for everyone...from Leroy the Savage to Ruby to The Mystery Machine to The Clickbait Patrol car to Dale's track truck you have something for everyone, and have helped me get my daughters interested in turning wrenches. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Author — Brett Wilson


“Them whoopty doos and hoopty doos left and rights ups and downs” -James 😂

Author — Goonie Capone


The mystery machine is on crack with that rotary I feel like Coop will be the crowd favourite

Author — Daniel Lee


Sitting in the hotel rn so hype for tomorrow can’t sleep

Author — Zachsgreatchannel


Australia is proud of you Cleetus and boys 👌👌🇦🇺🇦🇺 them some proper skids

Author — FlatStick Vids


Does anybody get when Justin aka jh arrives “Just in time”

Author — Austin Nyberg


My first thought when Cleetus hit the pad was "Neighbor should have been at Summernats."

Author — Joshua S


Cleetus: "James just put JH on notice."
Neighbor: Let me just remind ya'll whos the king.

Edit: Then comes Cooper lol. This should be a good comp lol

Author — clownrock95


CLEETUS- "does it start?"
Anyone- " yes it just nee-"
Cleetus-" I'll get the ether"

Author — Ty Demitroff


My girlfriend Allison cheated on me. So I’m got an extra ticket for the show who wanna go?

Author — Kris Martin


Can you give some drone footage of the burnouts. Cañt see with all the smoke. Lol

Author — Glenn Scott