US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real

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Navy acknowledges UFO videos in statement; reaction from UFO expert Nick Pope. #Tucker #FoxNews

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Here's the shocking part: no one is shocked by this.

Author — Scott Aveles


Kinda suspicious how they decide to release the info a day before the Area 51 raid🧐

Author — Agni Kai


2019 is ready for the truth if this happened in 1950 people would freak out now we're like ok so

Author — Ryan Robletto


Get them illegal aliens out of our planet.
*Make Earth Great Again!*

Author — Ultron-5


trump should put up a space wall and make the aliens pay for it.👍

Author — Fixer Upper


If they’re letting this info out slowly imagine what’s in store next.

Author — Ryan Binion


Imagine the other footage they have and are not showing us!

Author — Matthew Hunt


“The strongest navy in the world says we don’t know what these are.”

Now thinking about it that’s pretty scary

Author — The Peoples Republic Of Disney


Man dad said he’s been seeing UFO’s in Asheville, North Carolina these past 6 days .. he’s from Dallas .. now he’s out there in the country .. he’s a plainspoken truthful man .. I believe him

Author — Mikey.214


Aliens, nukes, global warming, massive yellow stone volcano.

The odds really are stacked up against our survival as a whole, huh.

Author — Tony


And just like that everyone forgot about Epstein

Author — Opi3killz


As if we the public didn't already know there are UFOs out there

Author — pob000


They're interacting with Navy Ships? Hmmm...I dont think they're here to study the flora and fauna...

Author — Chris Vesy


I think everyone like myself that believed in ufos and been called crazy for 50 years and being lied to need to get paid reparations for defimation of character

Author — Daniel Villeneuve


The government literally has the tech to make these air crafts. Don’t be surprised when they stage an invasion 🙄

Author — JoeSenju


US: admits UFO videos are real
Me: notices its 2 days before the area 51 raid

Coincidence, I THINK NOT

Author — drew6017


Remember UFOs were considered conspiracy theories & UFO enthusiasts were treated like crazy nut jobs?

Author — Simon Tide


Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm one step closer to clapping some Quarian cheeks

Author — Welfare Crusader


Read: Alien Interview by Lawrence Spencer or watch here on YouTube to find out. You may regret it.

Author — Alex Tigre


D.C. has been warning us subliminally, by telling us about the “Reach”

Author — Luke Smith