Roger Stone to Hannity: They want to silence me

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Hannity Exclusive: Roger Stone recounts the early morning hours when the FBI raided his home before he was indicted in the Mueller investigation. Stone defends his innocence, alleging that he is being silence for 'standing up for Donald Trump.'

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At the end of the day, still no collusion.

Author — Independent Thinker


People are getting tired of this Lawless attack on anyone on the right. It's so clear and obvious that we have deep state subversive traitors running the majority of this Country!

Author — chocodoggy1


I will always read Roger Stone's books. I believe he is for Truth.

Author — Texas Gal


An Army of FBI agents and CNN cameras to show the whole thing....go figure.

Author — Lorenzo Castro


Anyone that has dirt or opposition against the deep state or Democrats are either censored or MSM spreads a big hoax that sheep (liberals) will automatically believe

Author — American Patriot


Did Swat show up at Hillary's door when she destroyed Subpoena'd evidence?

Author — Dre Zee


is CNN ride along with FBI the new norm modern day NAZIS

Author — Dion Peterson


Mueller runs his team like the SS as in Nazis.

Author — R Ski


someone in fbi or grand jury tipped off cnn. the whole point of the raid on stone was to "criminalize" him not intimidate him. more like it scared his neighbors.



Stone fighting against FBI "insurance policy" noted in Andy's FBI office.

Author — Jay Andrew


When the law breaks the law...there IS no law.

Author — Ozzie Crosby


The FBI arrested Roger Stone as if he were a drug lord or mob boss. It was absolute B.S. the way they stormed his house

Author — Chris Allan


Every officer present at the scene and every higher up who gave the order to arrest Stone in that fashion needs to be held accountable and relived from duty aka: fired. This is an unnecessary use and abuse of power and should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law with punitive damages in the high 6 figures at minimum more like 7 or more. This is it's political assassination by proxy. Stone or his wife could've had a heart attack in the process.

Author — RUHDD4HVN


Bless his heart, praying the truth comes out and he is dismissed of all this and can just live his life in peace with his wife, and dogs.

Author — Allison Hoffman


And the REAL CRIMINALS go free.Go figure.

Author — Margie Rhein


Fantastic analogy by Michael Caputo.... that our leaders didn't send this many people to rescue our Benghazi survivors...WOW !!

Author — Starr Pendergraft


This guy will end the collusion crap for good ..thank you Mr stone .

Author — The man with no name


FBI is out of control! They need to be shut down!

Author — Lexi 777


Who’s here after he was convicted just for a laugh lol

Author — P n N


Nothing like the corrupt FBI out of control.

Author — BBQSmoker NC