Mystery drone flights over Colorado, Nebraska

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For the past several weeks mysterious drones have been flying at night, in patterns, over parts of rural Colorado and Nebraska. Law enforcement and the FAA are investigating, but so far no one knows who is operating them or why. Dana Jacobson reports.

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When did they go from “UFO” to “drone?”

Author — Hopi Ng


Maybe the drones are there for target practice!

Author — David Armillie


Where I’m from if “no one knows”, we’d be saying, “Pull!” Then the perps would step forward...why they haven’t after weeks of these shenanigans...is another mystery but the men in black would come out of the wood work.

Author — Maryj


and don't believe what gov agencies tell you, they have away of covering up the truth, ...

Author — thesecret2


Where's Robert Stack when you need him. #UnsolvedMysteries

Author — Travis Snyder


Night drone operations ARE illegal without the proper clearances. If the FAA says they aren't doing anything illegal, then the FAA knows who is operating them.

Author — aowi7280


They are 👽 & They Are Here ! Their Manifesto " To Serve Man " has been deciphered, it's a cookbook ! 😨

Author — David Ellis


It’s rumored that their looking for a “misplaced” nuke.

Author — Tyler Wegener


I'll shoot that down..I dont care who they belong to.

Author — leebog31


They're good for taking out terrorists.

Author — E4T6


This has been going on for years just that people are finally noticing them. It the government. They are in the sky in every state at night. If you look up in the sky you will see them some flash red white and blue. I have flash them with my camera phone and slowly it comes toward. They come down really low at a certain time at night and then disappear before sun up. If people would watch the sky More they would see a lot more things going on. One is the jets chemical trails all over the sky when a major storm system is coming. I think they are trying to control weather on that one.

Author — pamela hummel


Damn this reminds me of the Simpsons game when drones keep spying on people and surveillance vans are the ones controlling

Author — Zeigest666



Author — brian forward


Actually several have been shot down, but they seem to have a self destruct system. So they explode when hit. I live in Cheyenne Wyoming.

Author — James Hart


What is the point of this story? Just silliness.

Author — uknow who


Is that what we call them now, drones XD

Author — From 0 2 100


I truly wonder if this is coinciding with the increased amount of flu cases in certain States. Could this be some sort of delivery system??

Author — The Backyard Family Outfitter's


When you see a drone while watching this

Author — Revilo


Don’t worry it’s just the aliens coming in to watch the fight.

Author — Big Jake Games


These have been surveilling over my neighborhood for 2+ years....

Author — Dave Horst