Theory of Evolution: How did Darwin come up with it? - BBC News

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160 years ago, the British naturalist published his famous book “On the origin of species”. His theory radically transformed Biology, offering a new explanation of the ancestry and evolution of living beings.

Motion design & SFX: Kako Abraham
Voice: Reha Kensara
Script: Carol Olona

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Blimey, this comment section is going to be WAR!!!

Author — Greenpoloboy3


Cue intellectually unarmed rebellion in the comment section.

Author — Real Things


Commenting for the graphics, because wow what a show that was!

Author — RyanLaVoisin


The man behind one of the most brilliant theories in biology. What a man!

Author — European Patriot


Great piece! Right up to the last five seconds...

Author — Rolf Casparius


Evolution or God, , , , the reality stays over the imaginary 💯

Author — Mohit Kumar


Thanks so much for this video! I always watch only BBC! The woman has a very nice voice!
Please make subtitles available.

Author — Roman Vladimirovich P.


Please keep doing videos of this quality.

Author — Duany Rivero


Anyone know the title of the orchestral composition on the soundtrack of this video?

Author — Quint


Of course Darwin was right.Slugs evolved into two-faced lying politicians.(no offense to slugs)

Author — Austerus Tertius Tutelus


1:47 - TORTOISES goddamnit, not "turtles".

Author — Keagan Van Tonder


The Wikipedia article about "evolution" is blocked in Saudi Arabia

Author — ATS_


Big applause for the motion graphics & VFX!
Thank you BBC, for the production.

Author — Shahriar Shanto


I'm wondering what kind of style are in this motion graphics, someone can tell?

Author — Wellington Cantidio


Man it's like the stupid Olympics in the comment section tonight.

Author — bogyo66


The animations are reminiscent of Monty Python graphics from the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Author — laser325


It's mad that people still believe in "God" or one of the other 2000 "Gods" haha

Author — Tom Henderson


Others had similar thoughts on animals changing over time prior to Charles Darwin including his own Grandfather Ersamus Darwin. But it remains hypothetical till you can come up with an explanation of how that can happen plus provide evidence for it. The explanation of how and the evidence for it is what Charles Darwin provided.

Author — ozdorothyfan


Quick fact : Charles Darwin was a theist meaning in simple he believed in God.

Author — TacAll AIR


He didn't. He came up with the theory of "Natural Selection", which explains HOW evolution works. You don't even understand the concepts well enough to get your own title correct.

Author — Nicholas Flamel