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Hi Everyone,
Happy new year!!
Just a quick video to update you on my channel!!
Some video and Creativation news, updates and upcoming things!!

For More Inspiration visit me here:

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HI Keren, Denise from New Zealand. So good to see you back. I've had a dry period lately too and hope your channel will inspire me. Happy New Year!

Author — Denise Hunt


Sometimes you just need a break! I have learned a lot from you and I really enjoy your videos! I like artists that talk through their projects and it's not just music. Just have fun with it! You are very talented!

Author — R Cubed


Hi Keren - Thank you for the update! Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to 2020 with your inspiration.

Author — Randi Marquez


Happy New Year to you too, and I´m just glad to see, that you´re back and looking forward to see everything, you´ll come up with here in this year. You are such a talented girl, but we all need a break now and then and loose our mojo a bit, so don´t worry hun, Take the time YOU need and we´ll be here when you´re ready. Best of luck with everyhting.

Author — Maryann Laursen


It’s great to see you back, Keren. Looks like an exciting year coming up for you and I look forward to seeing your videos and creations. Also looking forward to Creativation videos as well. Have a great year. 👍🏻🥰

Author — Elaine Byrne


Can’t wait to see what you do! And love the idea 💡 it’s great information especially for fairly new crafters and thank you Tiffany as well for inspiring 😁

Author — Disorganized Crafter


nice to see you back! your videos are such a great help and inspiration. I'm looking forward to new ones🙂

Author — Viola Maria


Happy New Year Keren. Glad to see you'll be back. I can't wait to see your next videos.

Author — Johanne Lacombe


Oh I'm so excited you'll be back! And I seriously just love the support that you all have from each other. Tiffany's video was really informative and I'd love to see what products you like or really don't use. It's all so informative. Any who, glad we'll be seeing more of you. And I just love how you film Creativation so lm looking forward to that! Big hugs and happy new year! 🎉🥳💖

Author — Joy Hurley-Deluna


Just glad you are back and wishing you a lot of inspiration and joy while you are creating again 💓😘

Author — Chris De Coninck


Glad you are okay and just needed a break. Will be watching for you from Creativation. thanks as always for sharing,

Author — Theresa Petermann


It's great that you are coming back. Go with your gut!! Happy New Year to you and be Blessed.

Author — Linda Brown


Thank you for sharing with us, Keren! I have certainly missed your creativity this past year. Glad to see you are working on getting back your mojo. Have a safe and wonderful trip to Creativation! Wish I could be there and see you again.

Author — Vicki robertson


So happy to see you again....and we all get like that....you are great..

Author — Donna Ibbott


I’m happy to see you’re back, Keren!
I started thinking there was something in the cosmos taking the mojo out from all of us! Seriously!
What a terrible feeling. But hey! You are a creative soul and I’m glad that still resonates inside you,

Author — Nuneka


So good to see and hear you again. The days of Ustream seem so long ago, but I learned so much from you, and I thank you for that. I follow Tiffany - I agree, she is a special lady. I very much enjoyed her video - it was informative without being critical. I'm sure many crafters will have a few more coins left over after watching her and following her findings. I am very much looking forward to watching you in the coming months. I have not been as creative as I would like, but life brings its own changes and surprises. Good luck Keren!

Author — Julie Blake


Happy New Year Keren. Looking forward to Creativation and your new type of videos. I think your advise, expertise and experience will be very helpful for us, thankyou ~ Jenny

Author — JMN


Happy to see your are back, and i hope you have a wonderful year too. Looking forward to all the thing you are going to do. And about the Creativation, i live in the Netherlands so its far for me :) and what you film i love it, does not matter what it is.

Author — Astrid Galjaard


Happy New Year to you Keren! Looking forward to seeing your Creativation videos. Seth Apter is one of my favorites.

Author — maria starr


Oh my goodness! Keren, I missed you so much because as a newbie you have been one of the persons that inspired me during this part of my life’s journey. I’m glad you took time for self care. Too many people don’t recognize when it’s time to hit the pause button in their life. Enjoy your time at Creativation. I thank God for you Keren. May God richly bless you and your family during 2020.

Author — Latrisha Huckaby