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The Queen has opened a new session of the UK parliament for the second time in the space of two months. But this time there was less pageantry and far more politics following the Conservative victory in last week's election. Some 30 bills were announced in the speech advertised as an 'ambitious programme of domestic reform' as well as delivering Brexit.

Top of the list was the commitment to take the UK out of the EU by the end of January.

There'll be increases in the NHS budget in England -- and those will be enshrined in law.

There was confirmation of Conservative campaign pledge to impose longer sentences for violent offenders but also a major review of the criminal Justice system.

Huw Edwards presents tonight's BBC News at Ten with contributions from the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg, health editor Hugh Pym, home editor Mark Easton, economics correspondent Dharshini David, special correspondent Ed Thomas and Scotland editor Sarah Smith.

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Why are the BBC allowing comments now? They’re scared of being defunded by the state and want to gauge public opinion and bend their reporting to suit

Author — One Two



I would call it a plan.



Meanwhile Amy DALLA MURA an English Patriot is in telling the Speech is dying before our very what are we doing about much it

Author — bogen broom


I think BBC has learnt it's lessons from UK elections 😂

Author — fba archconst


The new government needs to address the media first as they are partly responsible for the chaos since the referendum.

Author — Joe Bloggs


Blah, blah, blah...nothing but a bunch of articulated jibberish...🙄🙄

Author — 🌌AnointedShebrew🌌


Brexit, tougher crackdown on violent crime, and a constitution? *Pinch me. I must be dreaming*

Author — Jeremy Rogers


I hope the government will finally have the balls to repeal the laws that are getting people arrested for comments on social media that “hurt people’s feelings”

Author — CanadianPrince


If these claims like longer sentence period, change in the crime law and increase in NHS funding are realistic then there is still hope for a secured future for Britons.

Author — Badhan Halder


Looool, camera man just wanted to film dogs at the end there haha.
Literally shoe-horned-in so oddly haha

Author — lyle cann


The anger of t he left... Borris will a great PM.

Author — Daniel Bond


Wanting sovereignty back is radical these days

Author — Norcalreppin1


Doom and Gloom by the BBC why ain't I surprised, probably there salty because the TV licence will be abolished very soon.

Author — mike fury


the NHS funding is going to be coming from our partners in crime "America" 😂😂

Author — Chillin Like A Villain


A Led Zeppelin Reunion will solve all of UK’s problems.

Author — Major Steve Austin


To quote Matt Smith’s Doctor “Scotland’s never conquered anywhere, you know. Not even a Shetland.” (S6E8)

Author — Larry Hampton


Can someone do borish's hair, please ?

Author — Kampung Inggris Fuza


If Corbyn is serious about holding the executive to account, then he should make sure that we leave on 31st January; just as Boris Johnson has promised.

Author — rich deering


Scottish independence -- Another we'll keep voting until it passes, then never again scenario.

Author — Crash103179


I love this tradition, made even better with the Election result

Author — Clear The Lot