New report indicates China misled world about coronavirus

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The U.S. intelligence report says China not only misled the world on the severity of the virus, but also stockpiled medical supplies and PPE.

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Literally everyone with at least 12 braincells: Yeah I saw that coming

Author — Os7 True


“It’s only official information when WE report on it”

Author — Big Tom


The World Health Organization

Brought to you by China.

Author — mamo 19


This is really interesting. The report said that China increased imports of medical supplies and reduced exports in early January. However, the evidence given is the February import and export data.

Author — ha zy


BREAKING: Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes. More at 11.

Author — coolguy700able


omg really? that "news" is at least 3 months old

Author — Sofia


Coming up next: What color _is_ the sky, really? The answer may shock you.

Author — BroudbrunMusicMerge


So, you’re telling me that China lied to the entire world? I can’t exactly say I’m surprised.

Author — Matthew Lindsly


Wow, way to turn on a dime!

Last week anyone who said these things was some sort of 'right wing conspiracy theorist'.

Author — Joe Blow


First of all— duh!
Secondly— American companies need to remember this and stop having everything made in China, especially things as important as safety gear.

Author — K D


Why is this breaking news? I thought everyone knew China lied and covered it up The whole time

Author — Nick Etten


Huh. Interesting. In other news, water is wet.

Author — Kellz


But wait, when Trump said this, wasn’t he just playing the blame game?

Author — TheAngryGoblin


The next report is going to be telling us that we are currently in an outbreak known as COVID-19.

Author — Fathima Nazmeen Anodiyil


Is this the same "US Intelligence" that reported weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, or perhaps it's the same US Intelligence that claims grainy video shows Iranian Troops attacking US ships when the ship owners themselves say it's not true?

The better question is why didn't US Intelligence put the pieces together sooner; and why didn't the US listen to the freaking reports from the WHO in January despite the Chinese. Like we had congress people selling stocks because of reports of Coronavirus on JANUARY-27th.

This whole Blame China thing is an OBVIOUS Red-Harring and desperate attempt to shift the blame.

Author — Matthew Balsinger


A nation with a "social credit score" for compliance would create a misleading narrative? We are shocked!

Author — Elam Garek


News: China lied about the Coronavirus

Me: Hmm yes the floor is made out of floor

Author — Bob Thucker


The only people this is news to are the people reporting this.

Author — God Bless America


Can't recall starting when, every time I'm watching news, I feel like been treating like an idiot by some other idiots.

Author — PTS


Oh I get it, allegations from the US intelligence and broadcast by the mainstream media. How many times have we've seen this now?

Author — Parker E.