50 Cent On Floyd Mayweather, French Montana, Naturi Naughton, Pop Smoke + 'For Life'

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50 Cent stepped up to Ebro in the Morning to discuss his brand new show 'For Life,' as well as what's next with the 'Power' series going forward.

As usual, he wasn't shy as he addressed rumors he punched French Montana, memes towards Naturi Naughton, Floyd Mayweather, thoughts on Pop Smoke, linking back up with Dr. Dre and Eminem during his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, told a Steve Stoute story, and more.

'For Life' airs on ABC Tuesdays at 10 P.M. EST.

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1:49 & 30:01 talking about Hollywood walk of fame
3:10 about Eminem
5:53 about pop smoke(woo baby)
7:33 new music
9:45 about TMT
10:50 & 25:55 Kobe Bryant
11:19 floyd mayweather
19:24 about his kids
21:18 & 27:15 about french Montana
22:06 about snoopdog
24:16 about allegations on president
29:17 about his relationship
30:23 about GRAMMYs
And rest of the time he talking about TV shows and stuff....
I hope this can be useful 😊👍🙏

Author — Chandu Gonuguntla


50: You like Pop Smoke?
Ebro: Love Pop Smoke.
50: Oh you better! Woo... Woo baby...
Rest in Paradise Pop 🙏

Author — Hou Hawaiian


Sad to hear them talk about Pop Smoke, not knowing he'd be gone just a few days later.

Author — rockstar87


"It's clear that I'm still here for a real reason cause he got hit like I got hit, but he ain't f***kin breathin" -50cent

Author — Ryan Cephas


50 cent has had
Vitamin water
TV shows
Video Game
Platinum Records
2 Diamond albums
Platinum selling Artist Game, Buck, Banks
Boxer promoter
Walk of fame
CLASSIC mixtapes change the mixtapes game

Author — Honorable


I don’t care what 50 is talking about I’ll always listen

Author — Chad D


50 is woke and he’s going to be around for a hot minute.

Author — Kareem T.


50 is a walking miracle... he was really in the streets, he wasn’t just beefing with rappers he was beefing with kingpins and he still made it. His music may not be poppin anymore but he’s just as relevant in the culture gotta appreciate his greatness.

Author — Ayo Reef!!


“They say I talk a lil fast but If you listen a lil faster i ain’t gotta slow down for you to catch up...beeeitch”

Author — REELTRINI27


50 cent is the only person that can piss so many people off daily and still be this successful

Author — Pharaoh Par


I remember 50cent I mean a fat 50 cent early 90s selling his tapes and cds at coliseum mall in Jamaica. Us italian kids use to go there to buy our gold chains. He use to tell us I’m going to be big this before he was shot. Then years later I was like wtf this the guy selling cds out of his bag. Made it along way. Congrats!

Author — TheMako990 Mako


“People are stronger in their absence than they are in their presence” very good quote by Fif 💯

Author — Juwle Teah


“I don’t have time for this.. I can’t be babysitting everybody”😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Morgan Michelle


“I think the only that separates people is passion” big facts

Author — Jalen B


“Hate a liar more than I hate thief
A thief is only after my salary a liar is after my reality” - 50 Cent

Author — Joshua Quiroz


"Don't let my inner peace disturb your inner demon"-Curtis 50cent Jackson.

Author — Mlungisi Zulu


Nikkaz saying he sold his soul...to be honest...he got shot 9 times to get dat...and a bullet to the cheek..for me dats luck lol...and he will teach you the business instantly if you loyal to him...but he will destroy you if you disrespect you...50 is the man doe

Author — tony globe


Popsmoke, Casanova, 69, YoungMA etc 90% of the new generation Newyork rappers are more influenced by 50cent than they are by Jayz. Facts

Author — olajide oluwakayode


Every 50 interview is like a low-key tutorial. Gems scattered all over the joint! Dude's attitude, drive and business acumen stats are high.

Author — KaperCloud


When 50 speaks, his points are so relevant that you cannot even come back with a timely response.

Author — Jasamine Emanuel