12 Most Amazing Finds Archaeologists Still Can't Explain

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The job of an archaeologist is an exciting one - you never quite know what you're going to find! Some of your discoveries will be easy to explain; for example, if you find a piece of jewelry, you know that someone once wore it as a decorative item. Not everything you dig up can be explained away so easily, though, and everything you're about to see in this video is still waiting for an official explanation, months or even years after they were first unearthed.

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The giants are mentioned in the Bible tho 🙄🙂

Author — Valeska J


That blonde in the beginning
Me: I'm Digging her

Author — Arenas V


Why are there so many female archeologists???? Because women love digging up the past

Author — Mr211083


Anyone catch the model-like archaeologist at the beginning?👌🏻

Author — TuckTuckonTwitch


Just wait 1, 000 years from today they are going to find Rob Dyrdek’s world’s biggest skateboard and be absolutely puzzled as to how humans got that big

Author — Sean Bistline


Giants have been noted by nearly every culture and yet we still call them a myth or worse cover them up.

Author — Josiah Jones


You haven't seen the megalith of Kailash temple. Hundreds of church could fit in it!

Author — Spirit Of Soul


Id like these videos if they didnt dumb down by showing celebrities and parts of films

Author — Diarmuid Considine


Oh they finally found Sephiroth’s sword!

Author — Xuân Huỳnh


sometime i feel like archaeologists look too deeply at things. Their first go-to is always either religious ceremony or astrological. They never consider that sometimes people build things.... just because they can. The bigger it is, the more of an ego stroke it probably is.
You think keyboard warriors have huge E-Peens? I'm betting the pyramids were simply an Epic case of 'Mines bigger than yours'.

Author — Sadarsa


The Smithoniam has been hiding evidance of giant humans for decades

Author — Rick Schuler


you know you're watching an american "documentary" when they constantly show clips from irrelevant hollywood movies.

Author — Oxy The Moronic Genius.


There was a beautiful reclining Buddha in Afganistan. The animals in the taliban blew it up.

Author — El Cruzer55


4:44 That sword was once *wielded by a notable member of the Jupongattana, the giant who goes by the name "Fuji".

Author — Steve Nuez


"naturally there isn't any evidence for the existence of giants"
I'll assume you work for the Smithsonian..!!

Author — J'Bear McDougall


You LIE. There is a lot of evidence of giants. a LOT.

Author — NeanderThug Alpha


I have no idea what this is all about cause I’m still mesmerized by the body on the blonde who was digging at the beginning ....

Author — Leafs Forever


Giants existed and still exists. Look up the Kandahar giant of 2002.

Author — Eric Vandross


Giant weapons, giant skeletons why is it so hard to believe giants lived a long time ago.

Author — Im old greg


So everything was done 6, 000 years ago lol

Author — Hi