Kazakhstan: Meet the girl who's 'too hot to play volleyball'

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M/S Altynbekova
W/S Team warming up
M/S Altynbekova playing volleyball
M/S Altynbekova playing volleyball
SOT, Sabina Altynbekova, volleyball player (Russian): "Of course, if we are a team, there is not one specific player. That is, if we are a team, we are making it all together. About the beauty: I am an ordinary girl from Kazakhstan, I will not get tired of repeating it. I am constantly talking about it. I do not know, it happened. It's fate. And maybe, if I had not engaged in volleyball, none of this would have happened."
C/U Alynbekova
M/S Altynbekova stretching with her teammates
M/S Altynbekova spiking the ball
W/S Team huddle
M/S Girls doing sit-ups
W/S Team line-up
C/U Volleyball
M/S Girls jogging
M/S Altynbekova training
W/S Altynbekova training


Kazakh volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova, deemed by critics 'too hot to play volleyball', spoke out against the claims during training in Almaty, Saturday.

The 17-year-old, who initially melted young Chinese hearts at the 2014 Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Championship, said that she is "just an ordinary girl from Kazahkstan."

Fans said her gorgeous looks distracted spectators from the game, but the attention has become too overwhelming for Altynbekova who has asked fans to stop creating social media pages about her. The sports star has become so much of a hit that fans have been creating anime fantasies starring her.

It is rumoured that Sabina is considering a career as a model, but she maintains that the success of her volleyball team remains her top priority.

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So many guys trying to say she is not "hot", but if she talked to them in real life, they would probably let one go in their pants.

Author — TheRefleks1978


OMG! Just leave her alone and let her just play volleyball. she is just a player, not a beauty queen!

Author — A Kay


I am from Kazakhstan and I will tell you the truth: She is just an average looking girl in Kazakhstan. I really don't understand all that fame around her. If you visit Kazakhstan for at least one day, look at local boys and girls, u'll understand what i am saying. 

Author — Roger Leth


westerner really have a different perception of beauty from orients.

Author — jojoinhere


She is okay but I heard people from there are very attractive might need to go there and look for a girlfriend

Author — Christian L


And we dont liok like mongolian at all

Author — Charice741


I’m Kazakh and I always get confused for being chinese, Korean, Japanese and even Spanish 😂

Author — Janel Glass


If she lives in genghis khan era she will be the mistress

Author — Dany Hermawan


Well done Sabi pretty and athletic perfect combination

Author — Alla Lusinko


they are the combined gene of west(EU) and east asian.
pretty haaaannn....

Author — Milan Dey


what a pure beauty an angel from heaven

Author — noejacklou


Mixed blood race is the most beautiful race on planet earth and they also tend to be more open-minded people...

NB:me i've been kazakhstan trhu dozen of amazing vlogs

Author — handsomethecat


I banged 2 kazakh girls . they are very beautiful but crazy, just beware

Author — ethanol96


Do you wonder how her parents look like?

Author — Handy Manny